Friday, July 22, 2016


I'm finally getting back to quilting and the first thing I did was quilt this small doll quilt.  I made one of these for a customer and thought, "why not make 2 while I'm at it?"  So this is the 2nd one, which will probably go in my Etsy shop when I get it bound.  I also have one hanging in my sewing room that I made during a Jo Morton Little Women class several years ago in Texas.  I'm keeping that one.

Then the question was, What to work on next?  I decided I needed to finish my Oak Leaves and Turkey Feathers wall hanging designed by Jan Patek that I blogged about here and here.  So, it's only taken me 5 years to get to this point, which is almost finished with the borders.  And I definitely want to get it finished to hang up for fall.

Here's one border.  I have the 4 corner blocks finished and am almost finished with 3 of the borders.  The other one is waiting for the vine to be made and then I can iron down the flowers and leaves.  It shouldn't take too long to get that border finished and then I just have to baste, quilt and bind!  I still have a little appliqué stitching to do on each panel, because I need one more color of thread.

I use Sulky thread for machine appliqué and I made a great garage sale purchase a while ago of this bag of threads.  I was hoping I had enough to finish a certain project, but I still need one new color. 

I think I may have mentioned before that we get a lot of deer walking or running through our neighborhood and yesterday morning I got a picture of 4 of them.  I was out talking to a friend I saw walking by and then we saw these lovelies coming toward us.  They were heading for the ravine that runs through the middle of our town.  This picture is cropped, but if I didn't do that, you would see that I live in a regular neighborhood, not in the middle of the woods.  I cropped it so you could see the deer better.  My GD (and all of us) really enjoy seeing them

Happy quilting, ladies!


  1. The doll quilt is precious, and I'm confident you will finish the applique project soon. It is going to be really pretty! What a beautiful picture of the deer. They are such graceful animals, but can become dangerous if provoked. (Ask me how I know!) That is a beautiful tree; is it in your yard? ---"Love"

  2. Wonderful little dolly quilt! I recognized some of the Peace and Unity rose reds from my own stash. Great to have you back to quilting.

  3. cute doll quilt! great shirting prints.
    I loved seeing your deer family.