Wednesday, May 19, 2021


 What does a quilter do when she sees a fat quarter in a sale bin with a baseball theme?  If her grandson loves baseball and plays baseball and especially has a birthday coming up, she purchases it, of course!

I saw the FQ for $2.00 and bought it.  Well, I didn't do anything with it, but on Monday, I knew I better get busy.  The FQ was a good wall hanging by itself, so I put a small border of baseballs around it, quilted it and got it ready to go.

Not only that, but it is his 13th birthday!  On Saturday!  So the wall hanging/banner is in the mail with a book on the Baseball Hall of Fame.  And we will be visiting them - after the birthday - soon.  And we'll get to go to some baseball games!

This will be the first time we will have seen them since Covid!  

Some pictures of the beauty that I get to see on my morning walk,

I'm sorry that I haven't posted much lately.  It's the same old excuse - the time is passing too fast and there aren't enough hours in the day!!  I hope you are having some quilting time today!