Saturday, July 25, 2009


These are my monthly BOMs from the LQS - a bright and a pastel.

June's "A Tisket A Tasket" basket from Bunny Hill Designs. I'm almost finished with the July basket, but not quite.
Gail Pan's Christmas BOM.

Willowberry Designs "Verandah Views" BOM.

I decided to make the Heartfelt Table Runner for a shower gift for my niece. I have made 2 of them before and this is my third one. You can see a finished one here. I need to get it in the mail by Wednesday at the latest. Here I'm sewing the curved portion of the heart shapes that go around the edge.
We're shopping for a camper. We want to have it prepared for when I retire!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I don't claim to get as much quilting done as some people, but I have been asked how I do get so much done. As others have also said, I have "take it with me" projects. I have my Howdy Doody lunch box ready to go. We have a 35 minute drive to church, so I have been working piecing my tumbler table runner along the way. Note: pictures taken in driveway. Hee Hee!
I'm making it for our coffee table to go along with the tumbler wall hanging that I am hand quilting. They are both charm quilts made with mostly reproduction fabrics. I'm not on any timetable - they will be finished when they are finished!
I bought this book at the quilt show yesterday. I really like the projects in it and the applique looks pretty easy and can be done on the machine. I don't really think I'll do anything from it this year, but I really like the card holder on the right side of the front cover above.

Now I'm off to work on some BOMs. I need to get them going - I don't want to get too far behind on them!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today I met "Love," a blogger from All People Quilt at a quilt show in Midlothian, TX. We both started blogging on that site over a year ago and had left comments on each others blogs, etc. We knew we lived somewhat near each other, so decided to meet at the quilt show this year. What fun to meet her in person. We had so much in common and really enjoyed viewing the quilts and shopping in the booths together! We even have a mutual friend!

Here are pictures of some of the excellent quilts that were featured at the show:

This first one is made by a Maryln Zelenz from Cedar Hill Quilt Guild (that I belong to). The Santa in the corner was part of the "decor" of the quilt show because the theme was "Christmas in July."

I love patriotic quilts.

Maryln also made this crazy quilt and she did the tatting herself. Another blue ribbon!

It's fun to get inspired by going to a quilt show!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


We had a wonderful visit with our son, daughter-in-law and 6 month old granddaughter!
The happy family!A serious conversation with Grandpa.
Grandma reading a book to Abigail.

Picking blueberries.
Abigail reading a book with Daddy.
Abigail at Pensacola Beach with Grandma & Grandpa.
I think this is enough blueberries!
I made 2 of these table runners - one for my DIL and one for a friend.
Now, it's back to work until December 18 - my retirement date! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Here is the little cutie who we are on our way to visit today! Isn't she sweet? It is about time her grandparents get to hold her in our arms, don't you think?