Monday, October 30, 2017


 I'm showing you a picture of my ironing table.  On the left is the quilt top for my youngest grandson that I just finished and it is ready to baste.  Backing and batting are under the top.  There's a grocery bag that my granddaughter (oldest) sent me and on the right is the binding rolled up for the quilt top - it's on the end of a Point Presser and Clapper tool.  Also, you can see my Palmateer Point quilt top hanging above the ironing table

Look at all the fabric in the sack!  It was quite heavy.

Here it is spread out.  It is mostly fat quarters and I think they are from a shop where we went to buy fabric when the shop was going out of business.  It seems like she isn't into making quilts now, but she is still sewing.  She is more interested in designing costumes and clothing.

The quilt top is folded inside out, so I turned back one of the corners so you could a little more of it.  I am using the same striped blue fabric for the binding that I used for the inner border.

I love this "frog" conversational fabric that I used in the border!

About a week and a half ago this is what the maple tree next door looked like.

Now it looks like this - or even more bare.  I think I get about half of the leaves in my yard!

 Hope you have a great week!

Monday, October 23, 2017


I have been busy sewing lately (as usual).  I am up to date on the Mode Blockhead Blocks - until Wednesday, that is.  33 accomplished of the 48.  That means 15 more weeks!!!  Now I'm thinking I'll have more than I need for one queen size quilt.  It might help if I figure out exactly how many I will need.  Hee Hee!

Moda #31

Moda #32

Moda #33

I'm also getting ready for a craft sale on Nov. 4.  Some of my recent items are this little wall hanging of a cross stitched cow and pig,  I got the cow and pig cross stitch pictures at a quilt show sale - very reasonably priced.

Another small quilt for a friend.

A Christmas panel with 4 matching place mats.  I quilted around the poinsettias and leaves with the corresponding color.

Here's a close-up.  I don't know if you can see the quilting or not.  The green stripe is the backing fabric,  The border is quilted with gold thread,

I also made another table runner with matching placemats, but I still need to get some binding for it.  More sewing to be accomplished this week.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


I recently finished "Flags of the American Revolution" designed by Jan Patek.  Lori had a Quilt-a-Long a while back (last year or the year before?) and I didn't make it then, but I bought the pattern and made it this year.  The blocks are large and pretty easy - especially since I used machine appliqué for it.  I love the eagle in the middle - so unique. 

Here's some close up photos of sections of the quilt.  The quilting in the center block is echoing the eagle.  The rest of the quilt is quilted with Baptist fans and I blogged about how I did that here.  You might  be able to see some of the yellow powder that I used to mark the fans.  I will get that off soon.  I really love how the fans look on a quilt.

I used antique buttons on this flag, which is the Bennington Flag.    I took Lori's advice and didn't get star buttons for the quilt because they make it very uncomfortable if you decide to take a nap on it.  These buttons aren't all identical and I like that about them also.  (BTW, the flags are replicas of actual flags that were flown in battle during the Revolutionary War.)

Below you can see the whole Bennington Flag.

You can see the quilting better in this photo below.  Pine Tree Flag is on the left sideways.  The pattern for this quilt is in a book and it has the history of each flag across the page from the instructions for each flag.

You can see the quilting on the back here as well as the fabrics on the back.

Here's my question.  Does anybody know the name of the block in this quilt and how to size the triangles? I saw this quilt at a quilt show at the Aurora Colony Museum on Friday and I really love it!  It is made with just 2 different triangles with no curves involved.   I would love to make this (as a long term project).  I have lots of CW reproduction fabric scraps left over from my Dear Jane quilt that I could use in it.

Here's a close-up of a block.  I think you can see the block pretty easily and see that you need 8 triangles in the middle and 4 triangles for the corners.

I'm sure someone out there knows!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I just finished this small Palmateer Point quilt-a-long that Lori of Humble Quilts organized.  I love the way it came out!  Thanks, Lori!

Palmateer Point

As you may know, I love garage/estate sales.  I got the printed sayings from one such sale and have made a couple little quilts.  I already sold one of them and I made this one with some left over bow tie blocks from a block exchange.  I had used most of the bow tie blocks in a couple wall hangings. and these 8 worked perfect for this one.  It can either be a wall hanging or a place mat.

Saturday I was looking for some Christmas fabric panels and couldn't find them, so I decided I needed to organize my fabric closet.  It used to have fabric separated by color, but was a big jumble of mixed up fabric, so I took everything out and re-stacked it.  I also am taking some fabric to donate.  I need to get busy and make some scrap quilts with all the scraps that I have.  Between that and getting ready for Christmas and a trip, I will be very busy for the next 7 1/2 weeks!  Guess where I found my Christmas fabric?  ........yes, it was in the bin of Christmas/flannel fabric where it belonged!  I just didn't dig deep enough.  It's just as well that I spent some time getting better organized.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Friday I went to the Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland, OR with a quilting friend and we had a wonderful day!  We wore ourselves out - there was so much to see and so many vendors!!

Some of my pictures didn't turn out, but I will share what I have.  There were a lot of modern quilts - many of which I really liked and some I didn't like.  

This is a replica of an antique quilt.

This last quilt won "Best of Show" and of course the photo doesn't do it justice.  I was thrilled to see a quilt with a Bible verse as "Best of Show."  The maker said it was a testimony to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I wish the picture was better.

I made a few dresses to send to Lori to take to Colombia in the new year.  Good to get them finished early!  I'll mail them soon.  BTW, go to her blog here to see more quilts from the quilt show.

Happy Sunday, everyone!