Monday, July 31, 2017


I'm up to date with my Moda Blocks.  I decided to start making 2 of each block and plan to go back and make one more each of the previous blocks because I want to make a larger quilt than I would get with just one of each of the 48 6" blocks.  This way, I will have 96 blocks that I can arrange into a queen size quilt somehow.

The name of the first one here is Devil's Claw.  I'm not particularly fond of that name and was telling DH that.  He suggested I rename it to Hour Glass.  The second 2 blocks with the flying geese is just called Flying Geese Variation. 

All of my blocks until now have been made with Betsy Cutchian's fabric line "Rachel Remembered." The pink and purple block on the right is NOT from Betsy's fabrics except for the background.   I am starting to run out of the FQs that I got of Betsy's fabrics, so from now on will need to use up some of my vast supply of other CW fabrics and scraps.

A while back I bought a yard of this patriotic panel and have been trying to figure out what to do with it.  Finally came up with an idea for a small wall hanging which will incorporate 4 of the pictures from the panel with flying geese in between.  We'll see if I like it or not.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Saturday a friend and fellow quilter texted me about an estate sale that had lots of fabric.  Naturally, I hopped in the car and drove over - just a couple miles from home.  (Amazingly, I hadn't even checked Craigs List for garage sales that day).

There was a table loaded with fabric folded up and taped.  Plus lots of other sewing and knitting supplies.

1st picture:  small bag already sewn, 2 wire quilt hangers for small quilts, bag of scraps for 25⍧ and a June Tailor Point Presser & Clapper ($2).  I had seen wood clappers recommended for pressing down on thick seams, but would never have paid full price for one.  I just looked it up and these things cost about $38!!

2nd picture:  This almost finished chenille jacket was folded up with the pattern and taped around with masking tape.  I couldn't really tell what it was, but decided I would get it if it was inexpensive (cheap) enough.  It cost me $2.  I need to sew on the other sleeve, get a yard of fabric for the binding, and it will be finished.  If it doesn't fit me, I will sell it - I'm vending at a quilt show Aug.  5 & 6 - Powerland, Brooks, OR.

3rd picture:  some yardage and fat quarters, approximately 17 yards and the cost averaged $1.37/yd.

4th picture:  The folded up panel was in a bag marked $1.00 and I paid 50⍧ on the last day.  I was surprised that it contained 4 panels!  I hope to sell these also.

My neighbor (and vending partner) said:  "Why didn't you buy all the FQs when they were 25⍧?  I didn't have a good answer, other than I didn't want DH to have a heart attack.  He's very easy going, but I didn't want to press my luck.

I also got some pretty buttons that I'm listing on Ebay.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


I basted my Dear Jane quilt on a table with clamps......

using up all my pins that I even had to finish basting with thread.....

Now I'm quilting on my Janome sewing machine.....

Working on it slowly, not wanting to "kill" myself.    And needing to think about how to quilt the blocks.

Didn't get too far with the quilting as DH had out-patient surgery and we were at the hospital all day on Tuesday, plus I'm taking care of him - although I don't really have to do much for him.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


My Mother loved to stitch these type of quilt tops, but I don't know how many of them she made.  The first one she made was for our wedding gift in 1962 and it was a different pattern than this one.  I think she made 2 of this pattern which was made by the Paragon quilt company.

The quilting lines are printed on the fabric with blue dots, so I just followed the lines - which isn't really very easy.  I used a walking foot to quilt the straight cross hatching lines and the straight lines around the center part.  Then I switched to a free motion quilting foot for the curved lines and feathers.

I think when these kits were made, most people were hand quilting because the border part with the feathers and then the straight lines on each side of the feathers really doesn't lend itself to machine quilting very well - at least not my style of machine quilting.  I quilted the feathers and then went back around to do the straight lines on each side of the feathers using the free motion quilting foot.

I continuously stitched up and down the lines and had to stitch on top of other stitching when I reached the feathers and or the outer scalloped border.

I'm glad to be finished with the quilting and think it looks pretty good from a distance.  By the way, my Mom usually had a ladies group hand quilt these for her (for $100).  I wonder when long arm quilting machines were invented as I believe she did these before they were around.  I will be basting my Dear Jane quilt soon.  That will be interesting to quilt.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


 This is a baby quilt that I am going to keep "on hand" for future possible needs.  Most of the fabrics for it were either from the scrap chest at my LQS  (polka dots) or from garage sale purchases (backings).

I love the panel that I put on the back.

This one is my Round Robin from my quilt guild last year (Sept, 2016 - May 2017).  I made the center block and then didn't see it until May when we all received our RRs back.  Again, I was amazed at how nice it came out!

The red backing was from a garage sale - perfect size!

Here is a short video of the robins nest with Mrs. Robin and her babies in it.  It took me a few seconds to get them in the right place, but towards the end it is pretty good.

I think the babies are getting ready to fledge any day now.  Hope I get to see them leaving the nest.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


We're ready for Independence Day!  Flag is flying...

Patriotic quilts are hanging....

Patriotic wool appliqué too....

Even put one outside!  (under cover)

Such a good Mama!!!  I think the babies are getting ready to leave the nest.  Maybe it will be today!  One of them has been flapping his wings once in a while.

Caught up gain on my Mood Block Head blocks!

Have a happy holiday!