Friday, February 21, 2020


I spent a couple days fiddling around and not getting much done, but I did do a little sewing that might turn into something some time down the road.  Do you have days like that?  Where you just can't get settled down and decide what to work on?    One problem is that I need to get busy with the scrappy border on the barn quilt and I'm just putting that off - but will probably get serious on it next week.  (I'm also putting off working on taxes).

Yesterday, I decided I would finish the little quilt that I started for me.  I made one like this for a customer and had made some blocks for one for me at the same time when we were in Florida for Christmas.  So I decided to get it put together and got this far.  Now I just need to quilt and bind it.  This is Meg's 4-patch Doll Quilt from Jo Morton's book, "Jo's Little Favorites."  There are so many adorable quilts in that book.  

I also have been working on the basket blocks and this one is finished now.  It's block #9.  I machine appliquéd with a button hole stitch and hand embroidered the words and letters.  I have the other 4 blocks set aside to do any hand embroidery on them.  Some of them call for buttons and bows to be added after quilting it.  So, I will decide then whether or not I add those items.  I don't think I'll add all of them.

DH and I are going on a short trip this weekend to Ocean Shores, Washington, and will be meeting his brother & SIL there.  Should be fun!  Have a nice weekend!

Monday, February 17, 2020

A 2009 BOM UFO

Back in 2009 I started making this BOM ( A Tiskit A Tasket ) that was on the Bunny Hill Designs blog.  I finished 7 months of it.

Then, I got very busy because I was retiring in December of 2009 and I had a lot of quilts to make that I wanted to give as gifts to friends at work, so I put this aside and it stayed put away for more than 10 years!!  Below are the 7 finished blocks.

I don't know what finally got into me, but I dug it out and this morning I picked out fabrics for all the appliqué and now they are all ironed on the fabric.  I still have to do some embroidery on most of them, plus stitch around all the appliqué.  I hope to find some time to get these finished and then put together.  It is such a cute project!

I may have to set it aside again for a little while so I can get my taxes ready to send to our tax man.  Ugh!!  But I promise I won't let it sit for 10 more years.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day!

Years ago I made this valentine table topper, so I thought it would be good to get it out and put it on the table.  The hearts are hand embroidered.  I made it in 2011 and posted about it here.

Here's how it looks with my wool flowers sitting on top of it.  I purchased the flowers at a garage sale many years ago and they never wilt!

My honey left a sweet card on the table for me to see when I got up.  I always (almost) get up before he does.  I'm glad I remembered to get him a card and get it on the table before he got up!

Sunday, February 9, 2020


Last week I went to the Willamette Valley Quilting Festival in Albany, Oregon.  I didn't take very many pictures because my phone battery was very low.  My friend and I had a very good time!

This first quilt won the best of show award and is super beautiful!!

This next quilt is the just like the quilt that my Mom made for me as a wedding gift!  I was so surprised to see it.  My Mom loved to embroider and do cross stitching.  I picked out the pattern and she did all the cross stitching.  She had the ladies of Eastern Star hand quilt it.  It will be 58 years old in August and has survived a lot of wear and tear.

This quilt was made with all Australian fabric.

This was a simple wall hanging and I loved the fabric and quilting design on it.

Another section of the same quilt.

I just loved this zebra quilt!  Very striking!

Description from the Zebra quilt.

I had to take a picture of this quilt.  I hope you can read the various element descriptions.  Very creative!

I love this quilt.

And last, but not least, here is how my "barn" quilt is coming.  I am almost finished with the top!  I had planned to use a border fabric, but realized that I don't have enough of it, so I'm adding a scrappy row of fabric and then a wider border of the brown background fabric.

On Tuesday I had a gum transplant (called free gingival graft) in a section of my mouth and it is so painful because the dentist took a part of the roof of my mouth to sew onto the area where my gum was not growing back after the oral surgery I had.  This has been more painful than the actual surgery that I had before because the roof of the mouth is very sensitive and doesn't heal very fast.  It seems to hurt more now than it did a few days ago.  I can hardly eat anything so I'm mostly eating jello, milk toast, macaroni and cheese and small pieces of chicken.  I'm not starving, but it is frustrating.  Trying to keep the food on one side of the mouth isn't easy.