Thursday, February 29, 2024

More Quilts from the Oregon Quilt Festival

 Before I add the pictures I want to tell you that I am now trying to help quilters in my guild who want to learn how to quilt their own quilts.  I learned how to do the quilting from some other bloggers and I am forever grateful to them.  One of the first quilters that I contacted was Elaine Adair Elaine Adair Pieces in Nebraska.  She was kind enough to give me some advice and I was very encouraged to continue.  Then, sometime in 2011, Joann from Thread Head started a year long, monthly challenge with actual experts in quilting giving us training and then an assignment to complete.  This really got me going and was a great boost to my quilting.  Since then, I have quilted all my own quilts and have even won a lot of ribbons for them.  

Two friends came over today and I shared some of my ideas on quilting and they practiced a little on my sewing machine.  I hope I will be able to help the quilters that are interested in quilting their own quilts and give them the encouragement to practice and keep working on it.

Now on to more quilts from the quilt show!  I tried to get pictures of the description as well, but didn't get all of them.

This will be it for today.  I will add a few more next time when I get more organized.  Thanks for visiting!

Monday, February 26, 2024

The Oregon Quilt Festival

 Finally I am getting pictures for you.  I'm sorry it has taken me so long.  I was having problems getting the pictures to transfer from my phone to my computer.  I can't do a post on my phone, so I just had to transfer them a little at a time.  First I will show you some of my favorites and best of show.

This is the Judge's Choice and it is my favorite quilt!

This one was amazing.  It is a raffle quilt that will be featured at a quilt show in Eugene OR in May.  I love it but wouldn't want to make it.

This one was awarded Best of Show and it was made totally with stitching thread for the picture of trees and sky.  

This lion was best of show too.  Can there be more than one Best of Show?  Just wondering.  The lion is so bright!!

This is the one that I entered into the show (and I didn't win a ribbon).  The colors don't seem as good as they are in person.

The daffodils are blooming now!

That's all for today.  I will show more of them in a couple days.