Saturday, October 15, 2022


Recently I went to a quilt show in Hillsboro, OR, which is about a one hour drive from my house.  This is my second quilt show since COVID.  Things are gradually getting back to normal!  Here are the pictures that I took.

This one is really cute!

Wow!  Lots of work here!

My Favorite!

I really thought the description would have been about seeing sea turtles while  on a trip to Hawaii, or something like that.  But I'm sure it makes a super nice cover.

I'm proud of myself for adding another post so soon!  I plan to add another one in a few days! It's always fun to go to quilt shows and see what other quilters are making.  

Thanks for visiting!!

Friday, October 7, 2022


 In January, the new president of the local quilt guild, Gone To Pieces, gave us a challenge to make some kind of quilt depicting something that we enjoy, like a movie, a book, another hobby, etc.  I knew right away what would be my focus.  One of my favorite movies (or the favorite one) is Miss Potter.  Do you know this movie and have you seen it?  

It is about the life of Beatrix Potter, who wrote the "Peter Rabbit" books!  The movie is so good that I put it on my Christmas list and got it several years ago.  It is such a good movie about her life.  I think you would enjoy it.

I am almost finished with my wall hanging and here is a picture of it so far.

 I picked four animals to feature:  Peter Rabbit (of course), Mr. Brown (the owl), Jemima Puddle Duck, and Mr. Tittlemouse and 4 different fabrics.  I used iron on appliqué and just used a straight stitch to hold it on.  I decided to use a pen to draw the eyes, glasses,  and whiskers.  I just need to sew the rectangles onto the background and then add the "Miss Potter" letters, then layer, baste and quilt.  I plan to take it to the next meeting which is October 17.  I think I like Mr. Tittlemouse best!

I have actually gotten kind of excited about this challenge.  Most of the time I haven't participated in challenges, so this is kind of a big thing for me.  I will show you the finished product when it is done.

Craft show season is on us now and this weekend we will be at the Yamhill County Fair Grounds (in our town) for a Craft and Flea market.

Thanks for visiting!  I am sorry that I haven't posted much (or visited blogs) lately.  I can't promise that it will get better.  I have several quilt in progress that I need to finish - 3 things are basted another lap quilt is ready to bind.