Wednesday, December 22, 2021


 Before I get too busy to even stop and wish my friends a Merry Little Christmas, I thought I would go ahead and do it.  So, Merry Christmas to all of you!  Whoever you are, I hope you will leave a comment!  I know I have been bad at responding to comments lately, partly because I don't get notified any more when one is made and partly because I have been so busy.

Lately, I have been making some kitty presents!  I got the idea and pattern from Katie at  She made one of these super cute fishes for all of her known cat owners. And she sent me the pattern!  (Not the first time she has sent me a pattern).  Thanks, Katie!

I only have 3 cats in my extended family (My sister has 2 and DS#1 has 1), so the 3 smaller fish are for them.  I made a larger fish just to see how it would look.  The large one is 12 1/2' long.  They were a lot of fun to make and the sewing student that I have decided to make one for her cat (I had given her 3 options).  It was fun picking out fabrics to use.  The fish have some catnip in them.

I had mentioned that I was a vendor in various craft shows and that is done for the year now.  Yea!!  Actually, this is the best year that I have had so far.  Here are a few pictures from the last show.  It was held at the Yamhill Valley Heritage Center Museum which is not far from my home.

At times, the booth was filled with people looking at the items for sale!  

There was a band playing and singing Christmas songs which was very festive!  Behind the bench there is a room set up like a time in the 1800s.

I will wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year too!!!  We are thankful that we have been healthy these last couple years.  However, our youngest son and grandson have Covid now.  Our grandson is 11 and has a very mild case.  Our son is sicker, but not having any problem breathing, so please keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021


 I have been very bad lately, but good in other ways because I have been sewing and have had a bunch of craft shows.  The last one is this weekend!  

I just finished a quilt that I had started before we left on our trip in June.  I originally was looking for an easy quilt that would use up fabrics and that I could then donate.  We went to Kansas to visit one of our sons and then on to Florida to visit another one.  My granddaughter saw me working on it as I had taken my featherweight machine along and I had taught her to make a few things.  She was 12 and will turn 13 right after Christmas.  Anyway, with her help, all the blocks were finished in Florida and when we put them down on the floor to admire, she said she would like to have the quilt when it's finished, so she will be getting it for Christmas.  Here are a few pictures of it.

It measures 70" x 90".  I took pictures of it in the house and couldn't get a good shot with the whole quilt, but you can see how it turned out.

I quilted it with fans and you can see the quilting pretty good in this picture of the backing.

I participated in a Quilt-a-Long with Lori of  It is a small quilt based on a larger one.

I've been so busy making things to sell that I haven't done as much sewing that I want to do.  But after Christmas I plan to finish a quilt that has been in the works for quite a while.  

I now belong to two quilt guilds as a new one started up in Dayton, Oregon led by a local quilt teacher and designer, Peggy Gelbrich.  I have been a member of another guild for about 3 years and will be serving as the secretary next year.  This guild has suffered a lot during Covid and many members have dropped out.  We tried meeting via Zoom, but that didn't work out very well.  Then when weather permitted, we met in a park, but not many people came.  We hope that now that we are meeting inside, people will start returning.

The next couple weeks will be consumed with some Christmas activities, gift wrapping, cookie baking, etc.  My sister will be coming here for a week and I need to plan meals for the coming holiday.  I'm sure you all will be doing the same, so I will wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS now and hope you get all your gifts finished on time!!