Sunday, December 21, 2008


I think I'm ready for Christmas. Of course, we aren't doing much, but I did put up quite a few decorations anyway. I saw these cute mouse cookies on The Little Red Hen site and thought I'd make some for our party at work. My sister sent me the Mr & Mrs Santa Claus S&P shakers and told me to open it early! Aren't they cute?
A few years ago I got this panel and I hang it up at Christmas. I hand quilted and embellished it.

I saw a box similar to this at a craft show so I decided to try making one for a friend. I got some pages from a Reader's Digest condensed book to cover it with and I'm going to try some other boxes too.
In this picture you can see some piles of wool that I felted. I was walking by a resale shop I saw a sign that read "women's blazers - 50 cents" so I went in and bought 3 blazers! I plan to use the red for some Christmas ornaments for next year. I'm putting together some more 9 patches. I had some left over pieces of these from when I made a couple doll quilts, so I thought I would make some
When I was checking out my button situation to see if I had any other buttons I could use, I decided to get out my big button box to see what is in it. GUESS WHAT I FOUND! I found my Quilting DVD that had been missing since I was straightening up before house guests came in October. I must have tossed it in the button box without thinking about it and I never thought to look there! I looked and looked for the DVD and was beginning to wonder if I would ever find it. I started hand piecing my tumbler blocks together.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


On our vacation with our son, DIL & Jonah, we took pictures, of course, and in my last post I said that I would post more pictures as soon as they were received from our son. Well, I must confess that I didn't get them posted as soon as we received them, but here they are now.

Jonah loves his jumper swing!
Since we won't be with them for Christmas, we gave them their gifts early. Jonah seem very interested in this Shape-O ball!
But, the sack is very interesting also!
Our Son & DIL received the quilt.
Three generations of men!
We had a very informative tour of President Eisenhower's birthplace in Denison, TX.
We are busy preparing for Christmas and for the birth of our new granddaughter. Her parents are anxiously awaiting her arrival! Merry Christmas to all of you if I'm not able to add another post before then!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I finished Jonah's Christmas stocking this morning! Yeah!! My car wouldn't start and we had to call AAA to get it towed this morning. My husband had a doctor's appointment, so I decided to stay home because the judge is in Mexico to transfer some US citizens in jail down there back to the US to serve their sentences here instead. I'm so glad I got this finished, because we could be called at any time to go to Florida because another DIL is due to deliver on Dec 29, but who knows, the baby could come any time now! I'm trying to get my ducks in a row, so to speak, in case we need to go earlier than expected!
Here's a doll quilt I made for a craft show on Saturday.

This doll quilt will be sent to a grand niece for Christmas. It is a cheater quilt, but I hand quilted it to make up for using a panel! I made one like this for my first GD years ago before I got too involved in quilting (she's 16 yo now).
Better get busy on some other projects! Happy quilting & decorating to all!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


After a slow start, we were able to go to a resort with DS#3, DIL & Jonah! Here's a picture of him in his daddy's hat! I will put up a few more pictures as soon as I get them from our son! We had a really good time with them just relaxing (DS had a cold & DH's back was bothering him, but it was good enough to take the trip).
Since we won't be with them for Christmas, I gave them the finished quilt and they were very happy with it!Lea at Simple Pleasures asked if anyone had a lunch box. Well, I had packed my Howdy Doody lunch box (purchased at a garage sale) with some supplies for my trip.
While Jonah napped, I worked on cutting out my tumblers from 5" charm squares and marking the sewing line for hand piecing them together.
These two stacks of left over fabric from the charm squares will be used to make some doll quilts. I'm not sure, but I'll probably make little 9-patches or 4-patches out of these scraps.

Now that we are back home, I will try to get ready for a craft show next Saturday. Wish me luck!