Thursday, November 27, 2008


We are thankful to God for his many blessings to us this year. First of all, the birth of our grandson, Jonah, then my DH's improving health, and of course the expected birth of a new granddaughter, Abigail in December.

We are going out to eat today and will celebrate Thanksgiving with our #3 son, DIL & Jonah at a resort in North Texas on Lake Texoma. We leave tomorrow and will be a whole week with them! Yippee!!!

This double nine patch quilt is for #3 son & DIL for Christmas. I took it to be quilted last week and didn't think it would be finished in time to take with us, but the quilter called yesterday and I was so happy! I sewed the binding on last night and will have to finish the hand sewing part after I give it to them. I'm so glad it is finished.

Some of the pictures are too light because we took them in direct sunlight. We'll take some more when it is totally finished. It is done in all civil war reproduction fabrics.

This is the Christmas quilt after I quilted and bound it. I used the meandering quilting design because that is about all I can do now except for straight lines & stitch in the ditch. Tee Hee!

Here is Jonah's Christmas stocking. It isn't finished yet, but I just have the outlining to do on the cross-stitching - maybe you can see where I have done some of it. It really helps to make the picture stand out. I'll work on it during our vacation.
Then I'll have to get the cuff sewn onto the stocking. I really like the plaid fabric that I found for 40% off!
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and maybe get some time for quilting! Thanks for all the comments. I try to respond, but I know I miss some. I appreciate all the visitors to my blog and enjoy checking out your blogs also.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I found a blog friend in Tasmania, Australia and we traded some fabric.  Below is some of what   received from Leanna in exchange for some fabric from me.   I plan to use the charm squares in a tumbler charm quilt.  It still amazes me that we find friends on the other side of the world by blogging.  It is so fun!
Here are some of the other charm squares I have collected for the tumbler charm quilt.  I will be using mostly reproduction fabrics - or fabrics that can pass for reproduction types, Tee Hee.  I will be hand piecing it, so needless to say, this will be a long term project.  No deadline here!
Here is one of the finished doll quilts that I made last week.  I sold one to a friend at work and she was real happy with it.  I hope to sell this one (if not, I will give it away).  The pillow is kind of strange (long & skinny), but I had some blocks left over and this is how it turned out.

I have been wanting a Christmas quilt, so I decided to use these charm squares to make a lap quilt for us.  It's a really fast project.
I'm kind of addicted to charm squares!
I found another charm pack of  Christmas fabrics and I think I will make this one with alternating fabrics, such as the ones I laid out below.  We'll see if I get this finished in time to give as a gift.
The LQS is having a sale - 40% off everything in the store!!!  I went there yesterday and plan to go back today.  The store will be changing hands the first of the year, so the owner is trying to clear out the inventory.  I love it!!!