Friday, July 8, 2022

Summer Finally Arrived in Oregon, sort of!

 We had a very cool spring and up until now, we have only had a few days where the temperature reached 80º or above.  And then, it didn't stay at the high point very long.  This is fine with me as I don't like hot weather.  My garden is doing pretty good.  I have one tomato plant (I hadn't planned to have even one, but when I saw how big it was at the store, I bought one.  It was still too cold to plant it outside so I kept it inside for quite a while.  I also have a rhubarb plant and a very small blue berry bush that has the most berries on it since planting.  Enough for some muffins, maybe!

This is my calla lili, which I had planted when we first moved here 8 years ago.  It lasted for 2 years and then didn't appear again until this year!!!  I couldn't believe it when it came up!  I hope it doesn't hibernate for 5-6 years again.  The iris behind it hasn't bloomed yet.  A friend gave it to me and it is supposed to bloom twice a year, so I hope it does, but maybe not this year.

Some of the flower seeds that I planted have actually sprouted!  I didn't inherit my Dad's green thumb, but I do try.  

I have been keeping busy getting ready for the display at the Cultural Center in Lincoln City that I told you about in my June 10 post.  I have added a few more items.  Here's one of them.  I call it "Windows."

Somehow I was inspired to make it when I got some purple fabrics from a store in Illinois as well as from Two Thimbles in Washington.  Every month I receive a selection of new 1800s reproduction fabrics from two and I have been enjoying them so much.  I use them to make items that I sell at craft shows or on Etsy.  Here's part of one item that I used the purple fabrics on and it sold quickly.

I also make these with a lot of different colors - here's one.  They usually measure about 9 1/2 x 27" but sometimes someone wants longer ones and I make them.

These have been pretty popular.  I love them and have some I use on different places around the house, but I was surprised when I started selling them on etsy and I have sold quite a few.  They look much better in person.

Tomorrow I will be vending at an outdoor event even though I prefer indoors.  The temperature high is supposed to be 79º so it won't be too hot.

Things are changing here as our 26 year old grandson has left to drive to South Bend, Indiana where he will be attending Notre Dame to study architecture.  We will miss having him over for Sunday dinner and for playing games.  He will be visiting friends and family on his way.  

Hoping you are all enjoying your summer and find some time to quilt!