Friday, March 28, 2008

Meeting with another Blogger!!!

Yesterday I had a meeting with a blogging friend! When I came across Jewell's blog
I was wondering what kind of job she and her husband had. She said they were travelling around the country and she was in Texas. I commented on her blog and we corresponded. Then we decided to meet when she came back to Texas and was going to be near where I live. We arranged to meet after work. I drove to where they were parked in front of a Wal Mart with the race car that they take around . I wondered who would be interested in looking at it!?! On the way, I was feeling kind of nervous. But, I didn't need to. Jewell is as friendly as most quilters and her husband is a really nice man. They have been married over 50 years! Jewell and I went out to eat and shared about our lives and talked about sewing, quilting, families, etc. etc. It was a really good time! No need to worry. I was also amazed at how many people stopped to look at the car and take pictures of it! I don't suppose we should be surprised that others have favorite hobbies and interests - after all, we seem to be pretty obsessive about our own! We took pictures too - it was real windy, so don't look at our hair!
Jewell makes sample quilts for a quilt shop near her home and she works on them while on their trips around the country. Have a safe trip!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 gifts and 2 things done

I finished a gift for my DIL, whose birthday was last Friday! I decided to make her a tote bag and picked out a pattern called "The Sara Satchel" by Serendipity Studio. The sample in the quilt shop looked really good. After I bought the pattern, my first clue that it might be difficult to make was when I read the list of notions and buckram was on it. I had never heard of buckram, but finally found it at Hobby Lobby. With perseverance, it is finished and I think it turned out pretty good. It has two large pockets inside and two pockets on the back, along with the two pockets you can see on the front, plus the little zippered bag as shown. I got some buttons to sew on the little bag and the front pocket. There is a store near here that has TONS of buttons and zippers at cheap prices. You have to search through lots of boxes for the buttons, but it is worth it. I have also started a tote bag like this for me, which will be made with red, white and blue fabrics.This little stitchery is from Lynette Anderson Designs
and she will have one each month for a cute little Noah's Ark wall hanging. This is the first one and it started this month, so another one will be coming out next week.
Yesterday at work, a friend of mine had her annual pre-retirement party. This year, she has 4 years until her retirement. She has been having these pre-retirement parties for several years now! She's really is looking forward to retirement! She's worked for the government for 34 years; she started right out of high school. Anyway, she had a bunch of door prizes , food, etc. I won this necklace!
Then, I got a gift in the mail today from Anna
She had a drawing for people who left her comments on her blog and I was one of the winners. She sent me this pin cushion made of really pretty fabric. Thanks, Anna! I love the colors!

That's all for me tonight.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring is here! In Texas, anyway.

The redbud is blooming!
So is the columbine! And we even saw some bluebonnets popping up when we went to the baby shower in Corpus Christi. Soon they will be blooming here in north Texas. It is a beautiful sight!
We went down to Corpus Christi last weekend to attend the "couples BBQ" baby shower for our DS & DIL. It was my husband's first baby shower! Men didn't used to get invited back in our day. They got many beautiful gifts and are getting things ready for the little one. Below is the cradle that our DS made for the baby. It is really beautiful!
Here's another picture of Robbie, our grand-cat. He is on his special section of the couch (with protective towel). The quilt on the couch is one I made for DS & DIL for their wedding gift. I was fairly new to quilting at that time & was afraid to tackle a bed quilt. I am now getting fabric together to make a bed quilt for them - a double nine patch.
Right now, I am working on a tote bag for another DIL's birthday. Her birthday was yesterday and I didn't get it finished in time, but hope to get it done this next week. I'm also making one for myself - they are more complicated than I thought they would be.

Thursday I am planning to go meet fellow blogger Jewell .
She travels around the country with her husband and I'm going to meet her at a Wal Mart in Arlington, TX. Check out her blog for more information. I will try to get a picture of us to post here. I think it will be fun. I am amazed at the friendliness of quilters on line!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finished Baby Quilt!!!

Hooray!! The baby quilt is finished and ready to take down to Corpus Christi for the baby shower on Sunday afternoon. I took it to my quilters guild meeting on Monday night for show & tell. We leave for CC tomorrow after a doctor's appointment. It's a 7 hour drive, so we should get there around supper time.
Here is a close up picture. I machine quilted it and hand quilted around each embroidered picture.
I have some fabric to make sheets for the cradle (see below). I started to make them on Tuesday night, but then I thought it might be better to sew them up when I get down there so I can be sure they will fit the mattress tight enough, but not too tight. I am going to make them like a pillow case with a velcro closure. I found the pattern on the internet and this should ensure it will fit good and not come undone.
I am getting packed for the trip, so better go. I have some stitchery projects to work on in the car, books to read, etc. My DH does all the driving, so that leaves me free to just enjoy the ride!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Recipe for Thai Salad

I got this recipe from a friend at work and it is always a hit whenever I take it somewhere. There are three parts:

Part 1: 1 head of bok choy chopped (I use baby bok choy and get about 8 of them)
5 or 6 green onions sliced

Part 2: 2 bags ramen noodles (any flavor because you throw away the sauce packet) - crushed
1/2 cup slivered almonds
1/2 cup sesame seeds
1/2 stick butter
2 T. sugar
Cook together in skillet until brown. Cool. It keeps well in a plastic container.

Part 3: Dressing
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
3/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup sugar
2 T. soy sauce

If you are serving a large group you can mix everything together to serve. If you won't be using it all at one meal, it is best to keep it separated so the noodles don't get soggy. Then you can dish up as much of the greens as you want, sprinkle on some of the dry stuff and add as much dressing as you want. I like to keep it on hand. Last night I ran out of the noodle stuff, so I made more of it.
I keep the bok choy/onion in a tupperware bowl in the frig and it keeps about a week. I'll have to get some more - my bowl is getting low.
The noodle/seed/nut mixture doesn't need to be refrigerated and neither does the dressing.

Go here to find more recipes.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Quilt Drawing at Old Red Barn Co

Please check out the quilt drawing at and leave a comment.  Dana is having the drawing for her 200th post.  If you refer someone and they put your name in their comment, you will get additional entries.  So, if you go there to leave a comment, please tell her I sent you.  

BTW,  I haven't figured out how to put in a picture or blog name that will link to the other location when you click on it.  I don't know where to get instructions for that.  Can anyone help me?  I'm still kind of new to this.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Doll Quilts, etc.

I have been home sick for a couple days and have been able to get some quilting done on the baby quilt. (I was too sick to go to work, but not too sick to quilt-luckily)! I want to finish it this week so I can show it at my quilters guild meeting on Monday. The baby shower is March 16 and I will give it to our son & DIL at the shower.

I haven't shown some of my favorite things yet on my blog - doll quilts. This first one is one my grandma made for my doll bed (pictured below) that my grandpa made me probably around 1950. I was so happy when I got the doll bed out of my mom's store room and brought it to our home.
This next picture is a tumbling block hand pieced/hand quilted doll quilt that I made this year. I don't know if I will give it away or not. Right now I like having it hang on the armoir in our bedroom. The little tea set on the table is the set that I had as a child. I have all the pieces and really want a little china cabinet to display them in. Maybe someday I'll get one. I love having vintage treasures on display!
This medallion doll quilt is out of of the book "American Doll Quilts" by Kathleen Tracy. I made three of these at the same time. One for a silent auction, one to give to a little girl in the family and one to keep. I love little quilts!

And here is my very favorite thing - the doll bed my grandpa made and in it is one of my mother's dolls from around 1920! The doll is actually a boy doll, but the only clothing I could find was this dress. The poor guy must be very embarrassed to be wearing a dress! Of course, back then, boys did wear dresses, didn't they? I do have a pattern for some overalls and pajamas, but haven't gotten around to making them yet. One of these days.....
Please check out Lynette Anderson Designs on my links. She has a Noah's Ark BOM and the first stitchery is available for download right now. It looks like fun!