Saturday, April 15, 2023

I think Spring Might Be Here!`

About a month ago I went to a quilt show with a friend and I am finally going to show you the pictures that I took!  The show was in Hillsboro, Oregon and if you read other blogs from this area you probably have seen the quilts already.  There were so many wonderful quilts and quite a few vendors.

This was a very well done Dear Jane in bright colors!

This one might have been my favorite - I love purple.

This one was very interesting a I loved the scrappyness.

A man made this one and I loved the soft colors.

This one was gorgeous and very impressive.


The show was in great venue and it was so refreshing to go to my second quilt show after not having any for years.  There is another one next weekend that I might go to even though I have a craft show as well.  It's not too far away and my "business partner" can handle the craft show if I go for a couple hours.

This morning I basted a lap quilt, 2 table runners and a small wall hanging.  The lap quilt will be for sale, as will the table runners.  That is, if I get them finished.  This is a busy week as both of the guilds that I belong to have meetings this week.  Then I signed up for a Gentler curves & circles work shop with Karla Alexander.  If I wasn't so busy I would be happy about going, but I might offer my space to someone else if they want to take it.  I rarely take a class so I'm not sure what possessed me to sign up.

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Friday, February 24, 2023

Winter is Still Here

I can't believe it's 22ยบ here this morning!!  We rarely have it below freezing.  Yesterday we got at least 3" of snow, maybe more.  This picture was taken before it had snowed a lot.  I went out in the afternoon and the roads were fine.

A friend of mine has asked me to make a Christmas quilt that she saw in the window of our local quilt shop.  She purchased the fabrics and I got the pattern - Plaid Pines by Lori Holt.  I haven't done much on it yet because I'm now waiting for the shop to get the ruler in that will make it a lot easier to cut the pieces properly.  

In the mean time I have been quite busy as I am involved with 2 quilt guilds, and I'm secretary of one of those.  That involves being very involved with all their activities, taking minutes of each meeting, as well as sending out a newsletter every month.  I have figured out how to make the newsletter somewhat interesting, but it is still a chore.

Last week I was looking at Pinterest and got inspired to make some zipper bags.  I went through some of my patterns and decided to make this bag.  It called for a charm pack - which I just happened to have in a drawer!  Since I had enough I decided to make 4 while I was at it.  I just have to put the zipper in one and they will be all done.  The main problem with these is the hand sewing of the zippers and bindings on top and the bottom.  The pattern is "button bag" from This & That Patterns.  They measure approximately 9" x 11".

Last month at the quilt show in Salem, I purchased some fabrics from Lori ( and I made this little quilt to hang on a chair by the front door.  Some of the pieces I got had pictures of presidents and I put them in this little quilt.  George Washington is in the middle and the other ones are miscellaneous presidents put in the order of their service.

Here's a closer up view.

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Friday, February 3, 2023

More Quilts from the Oregon Quilt Festival

This post is picture heavy of quilts from the quilt show last week.  So many wonderful quilts!  Enjoy!


The pattern for this one  (Songbird by Laura Heine) was published in the American Quilter Magazine from May, 2019.  I wanted to make it and worked on it some, but just didn't know what to do so it has been sitting in a bin.  Now, however, my quilt guild is having a workshop to make another one of Laura's collage quilts.  Hopefully, I will learn something and be able to finish this one.

I love this one and think it deserved a ribbon!

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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Day 3 of the Oregon Quilt Festival

I entered 4 quilts in the quilt show.  My Dear Jane quilt won a 3rd place ribbon.

My Baskets of Blue quilt won a 2nd place "Red" ribbon

This quilt, "Stars all Around" was hanging in a very nice place, as was my "Uncle Henry's Barn" quilt that I posted about yesterday.  So I am a very happy camper!


I also sold a quilt, my "Pineapple Nine Patch" quilt.

It was a lot of fun having a booth at the show, even though people thought we had a real shop somewhere and kept asking where it was.  We explained that we didn't sell fabric or patterns, just things that we made.  I had a "cat quilt" hanging there, hoping that someone would buy it, and it got lots of attention, but didn't sell.  I'm not worried about that as I'm sure it will sell sometime.  They wanted the pattern for it, etc. etc.

Of course, I had to buy some items - that's half the fun of a quilt show!  It took me a while to decide what to buy.  I got this "My Country" panel designed by Kathy Schmitz who had a booth.  I visited her booth several times before deciding to buy this panel.  This will make 6 patriotic pillows to put in a basket or bowl and can be embroidered or not.

I also purchased this panel of birds that will be made into a banner.  The designer of the banner had a booth, but I don't know her name - it's not on the banner package.  I've seen her books before, but can't remember who she is.

I also bought some more fabrics from Lori as she was the only one who had 1800s reproductions.  This was a bundle of small pieces that I plan to make into a couple small quilts, probably doll quilt size.

I was almost out of cheddars so now I have some!  It's amazing that most of Lori's fabrics were ones I had never seen before!

Here are a few pictures from the show.  I will post more tomorrow.

This one won a blue ribbon and was made by Peggy
Gelbrich, president of the Willamette Valley Quilters (I belong to
that guild)

This is the table of Gone to Pieces Quilt Guild
(where I am secretary).  They raffled off baskets of fabrics, etc.

I will post the rest of my pictures tomorrow.  I don't want to overwhelm anyone.  My goal (hope) is that I will take more time to read and sent out blog posts in 2023.  

Happy quilting!