Friday, October 26, 2018


Lori at Humble Quilts is having a link party today for people who have participated in her QAL to make the Sajou mini quilt.  I didn't start until yesterday, so I haven't had time to layer and quilt it, but I do have the top finished.

I had set a few fabrics aside over the last week or so and yesterday I decided to at least do the first part of Sajou.  The center fabric was something that I picked up in the scrap chest at my LQS.  I decided to use a lot of black, grey, some pink and the lone green on the top right corner.

After picking a black border, I decided to use another favorite pick from the scrap chest - the pink print.  I just love that fabric!

Oh, why not finish the top while I'm at it!  I picked out another black border, some purple fabrics (maybe you can't see it, but there is some purple in the pink print) and some green in the corners.  And finished it right before supper.

OK!  it's interesting!!  Thanks, Lori!!  I will link this to your link party.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


I first saw this quilt when I attended a workshop in 2013 led by Bonnie Hunter and she showed us some of her quilts.  I loved it and decided to make it one day.  I just finished it and it will be given to my 9 year old GD for Christmas.  It is very scrappy. 

This back view isn't very good due to the dappled shade.

I just love this border fabric - it was a new fabric at my LQS.

Here's a better picture of the backing.  I'm planning on making quilts with bigger pieces for a while.  This quilt has about 53 pieces in each block!  It take a lot longer to make a block with that many pieces, especially when you need to find scraps that look good together.

I've also been very busy making items to sell at Christmas craft shows in Rickreal OR and McMinnville OR.  Between that, I'm working on Christmas gifts as well.  Here it is the middle of October already!!  This is why I haven't been posting as much lately, or reading and commenting on my favorite blogs.  Sorry, ladies!

Happy Fall!

Monday, October 1, 2018


There was a special exhibit of these quilted kimonos.  This is some of them.

A few more quilts that were judged.

This is my favorite quilt from the whole show.  It is very small, but I just love it!

There were 2 little old ladies who were trying to get a picture of this quilt with a flip phone, but didn't know how to do it, so they asked for my help.  I was lucky to be able to figure out how to take the picture, but didn't know how to actually see the picture on the phone to determine if it turned out OK.  I hope it turned out!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you enjoyed the show!

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Here are some more quilts from the show.  This cat quilt is one of my favorites!  BTW, many of the quilts didn't have an information sheet next to them - if they did, I took a picture of it and have published it after the quilt.

Wool Applique

Another episode coming tomorrow!

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Thursday I drove into Portland (1 1/2 hrs) with a friend to the EXPO center for the Northwest Quilting Expo.  We spent the day looking at gorgeous quilts, browsing vendor booths and purchasing things that we just could not resist!

This first quilt is the "Best of Show" quilt and the quilting is amazing.

There were several exhibits and one was a selection of "Gypsy Wife" quilts.  I am showing one of those.  These are really fun quilts!  There were no information sheets with them.

Another exhibit was a collection of quilts in the collection of Sandy Arbuthnot - some of them that she made herself.  The colors in this triangle quilt didn't turn out very well - it was all blues and white.

Sandy Arbuthnot Collection
 She made the Dear Jane quilt herself.  There were a lot more amazing quilts in her collection.

The rest of these quilts were entered for judging.

Tomorrow I will show you more amazing quilts.