Monday, June 27, 2011


Sunday afternoon is a good time for me to work on the civil war block of the week.  I cut the triangles on Saturday and got the sewing machine set up on Sunday, sewed the block together, feeling very good about getting it finished, and then looked at it.  Uh Oh!  Something is not right here.  And not just one thing is wrong.  

So I got out the well used seam ripper, took it apart and put it back together.  Much better!

One of the activities that I have done here is go for a hike in the woods with my DIL & GS.  Aside from falling in the mud, it was beautiful!  There was a pond and I could hear strange sounds emanating from it.  At first I thought it was a cow mooing, but it didn't quite sound like a cow.  I sat by the pond a while and kept hearing the sound, kind of like a bass fiddle playing one note.  I finally figured out it was bullfrogs in the pond!  I took some pictures of them.  They didn't even swim away when I got close.
 Sometimes they would compete with each other - or so it seemed.
 I love the woods.
Have a good week!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


My DIL bought this Singer 28 hand crank sewing machine at an antique shop a couple years ago and I have wanted to try it.  Last weekend I dropped my featherweight about 6-8" and after that it was making a bad noise as well as the stitch speed kept going slower.  So, Tuesday I took it to be repaired.  I hope it gets done quickly.  

In the mean time, I decided to try the hand crank Singer.  My DIL said it works, but has some problems.

Below, you can see the bobbin shuttle.  I was able to do some piecing with the machine, but then the bobbin thread would just break.  The bobbin sometimes seems to get stuck, or the bobbin thread won't come out.  I don't know if there is something wrong with the shuttle or what.  I ordered some more bobbins on Ebay (amazing) and will see if a new bobbin makes any difference.

It's a very pretty machine!

The other problem with piecing is that you don't have your right hand to help guide the fabric through.  This is not good when you have several layers of fabric to sew through and want to keep your points sharp.  However, it was kind of fun to use.  I hope we can get it fixed.
It would be nice to have one like this, or a treadle, if the power were to go out!  Today we might go to a quilt shop and an antique shop.  I'll try to remember my camera.  Have a good day, everyone!

Monday, June 20, 2011


On Friday, my DIL along with 2 grandchildren and I went to Salem to see some historic sites.  First we went to the Mission Mill Museum for a short visit.  While there my GD got to talking to a book binder and we visited with him for a while.  He was very interesting and informative.  One of the historic homes wasn't open by the time we got there (guide book didn't have the new times).  We did get to see and tour the Bush House Museum.  It is a lovely house built in 1877 and our tour guide was excellent.  See this link.  
 Most of my pictures didn't turn out because I couldn't use the flash.  This is a picture of the wallpaper, which is original.
 A display of a dolls' tea party was in one bedroom.

In my spare time, I have been doing quite a bit of sewing.  I have completed 11 of the Union Blocks from the Gone to Texas quilt.  They are very scrappy and I didn't know if I would like them, but most of them look pretty good!

Saturday's civil war block.  I'm glad that I have been able to keep up to date on this.

Saturday we went to a local historical museum and we have some other outings planned.  We have decided to stay at DS/DIL's longer.  Woo Hoo!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


After our visit to the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center and a quilt shop, GD & I went to visit the Cape Meares Lighthouse.  The scenery was awesome!

The parking lot for the lighthouse is above the lighthouse, so on the way down the path, we could see the top of the lighthouse!

Since the lighthouse is on high ground, it doesn't have to be built really tall.  I found out that the elevation of the light is the approximately the same as all the other lighthouses and can be seen for about 20 miles out to sea.  Lighthouses built at sea level (such as the Pensacola, FL lighthouse) are a lot taller, but the elevation of the light is the same.  I never knew (or had thought about) that before.

GD picked some butter cups and took these close-up pictures.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The biggest event of the week was my GD's graduation from high school!  The graduation was outside and the weather was perfect.  What a happy time!  On Monday was her birthday also, so we celebrated both over the weekend.  

Monday I made my weekly civil war block:

I've mentioned before that my GD is very interested in sewing.  Here is her stack of washed and ironed fabrics that she bought to make a quilt.  She also has a quilt planned for her cousin and wants to start on that one tomorrow.  We went to the LQS where they have a "scrap bin" and both of us got some fabrics from there.  BTW, she has already designed and made a quilt, as well as made dresses for herself.

 Yesterday my GD & I went to the Latimer Quilt & Textile Center in Tillamook, OR.  Here she is in front of the building.
 We had a good time there looking at quilts and other displays of textiles, as well as antique buttons, lace, etc. that they have in display drawers.

 There was even some stained glass for sale, as well as quilts, fabric, knitted things and toys.
 They have a weaving section and there were also ladies spinning.

Their main display was a selection of quilts by Cynthia Corbin.  While we were able to take pictures of her quilts, we were told she doesn't want them posted on the internet, so I will honor those wishes.  However, if anyone wants to see a few, I think it would be OK to email them out.  So let me know if you want me to email you a few pictures of her quilts.  The quilts on display are not on her web site, but she has lots of other quilts on it.  They are not my "style" of quilt, but I enjoyed seeing them and enjoyed seeing a new form of quilting.

Next time, I'll share what else we did.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My Mom was born 100 years ago today in Chicago, IL.  Her Dad was a carpenter and Mother was from a family of 13 children.  Both were born in Minnesota, the children of farmers.

Mama's confirmation picture

Mom became a registered nurse and married Daddy in 1935.  They grew up in the same area of Chicago and went to the same church.  In fact, they attended church together before they were born!  (Dad was born one month before Mom).  Back in 1911, pregnant women didn't go out very much in public in their "condition."  So, both grandmothers would go to the evening service at church and they would sometimes walk together.

Mom taught me to sew and embroider.  She also awakened a love of quilting in me.  She made a baby quilt that all four of us used and also a quilt for our wedding gift.  She loved to embroider, so she made a number of quilts that had cross stitching on them.  They came in kits.  I think the only one that she hand quilted was our wedding quilt.  After that she sent them out to the Eastern Star ladies and they hand quilted them.  Mom didn't really enjoy making clothes, although she sometimes made dresses for my sister and me.  When I started sewing clothes for myself in junior high, if I would have a problem, I would ask her for help.  She would always tell me to read the instructions for the answer.  I realized a lot later that this advice was very good for me as it helped me to be able to follow directions.

1911 - 2004

Mom was a wonderful mother and grandma.  She loved babies!  She and Daddy were married 65 years and she was 92 when she died.  We love you, Mama!

Monday, June 6, 2011


While on my way to Oregon, I found out that I had won a giveaway by Kathleen at Loose Bobbins, etc. The package was waiting for me when we arrived and it is a lucious group of flannel fabrics!  Thank you so much!  Now, to figure out what to make with these fall fabrics.  Let me know if you have any ideas!

 I love the colors and the little acorns.  She also made a zippered cosmetic type bag with orange daisy fabric, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

 I am now caught up with all the civil war blocks.  I made these three yesterday afternoon.

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


The Oregon coast must be one of the most scenic in the world.  We were very lucky to have nice weather while driving along it.  The first day it was cloudy but not raining.

 This is the Umpqua River light house at Winchester Bay.  We took a tour of it - very interesting.   It was built in 1894 and was the 2nd one.  The first one was built in 1857, but fell into the river.

South of Florence is where we saw the sea lions sitting on rocks below the road.

 On Thursday, it was raining a lot and we went to see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  Since there were two buses of school kids there to get tours of the lighthouse, we didn't do the tour this time.  It was super windy and raining at the lighthouse, but we got a couple good pictures.
This big rock was near the lighthouse and the dots on top of it are some birds that lay their eggs right on top of the rock without building any nests at all.  The eggs are a certain shape that they don't roll off.  When I took this picture, the rain was coming straight at me and it was cold!

We arrived at DS/DIL's home just in time to greet GS when he came home from school.  He is a freshman in HS and is doing very well.  It's so good to be here.  GD is starting to make a quilt for her cousin, so I helped her cut some of the fabric.  She is a good seamstress and sews some of her own clothes.  She loves fabric too!  We plan to go to the Quilt museum in Tillamook if we can work it out.  GD is graduating from high school and will be starting a job soon after.  Our first goal is to go to the local quilt shop.  Maybe we can get there this week.

Now that we are "connected" I can try to catch up on some of your blogs.  Have a good week!