Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The biggest event of the week was my GD's graduation from high school!  The graduation was outside and the weather was perfect.  What a happy time!  On Monday was her birthday also, so we celebrated both over the weekend.  

Monday I made my weekly civil war block:

I've mentioned before that my GD is very interested in sewing.  Here is her stack of washed and ironed fabrics that she bought to make a quilt.  She also has a quilt planned for her cousin and wants to start on that one tomorrow.  We went to the LQS where they have a "scrap bin" and both of us got some fabrics from there.  BTW, she has already designed and made a quilt, as well as made dresses for herself.

 Yesterday my GD & I went to the Latimer Quilt & Textile Center in Tillamook, OR.  Here she is in front of the building.
 We had a good time there looking at quilts and other displays of textiles, as well as antique buttons, lace, etc. that they have in display drawers.

 There was even some stained glass for sale, as well as quilts, fabric, knitted things and toys.
 They have a weaving section and there were also ladies spinning.

Their main display was a selection of quilts by Cynthia Corbin.  While we were able to take pictures of her quilts, we were told she doesn't want them posted on the internet, so I will honor those wishes.  However, if anyone wants to see a few, I think it would be OK to email them out.  So let me know if you want me to email you a few pictures of her quilts.  The quilts on display are not on her web site, but she has lots of other quilts on it.  They are not my "style" of quilt, but I enjoyed seeing them and enjoyed seeing a new form of quilting.

Next time, I'll share what else we did.


  1. Glad you and the GD are having a great time together! I guess it won't be long until she will be sharing her accomplishments on her own blog. Your new CW block is beautiful; I have a bit of that blue in my RR quilt. I love the diamond path in the GM's Flower Garden, and I would have had to buy at least a couple of those stained glass quilt blocks! How lovely they are! Keep having fun and showing pictures!---"Love"

  2. What a fun day with your GD!! Can you believe I've never been to the museum in Tillamook? Am I really missing out?

  3. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your Granddaughter! How fun to share a love of sewing! Congratulations to the graduate as well! Best wishes for a bright future. We will be in Vancouver, WA next week, then on to OR. How long will you be up there?

  4. How wonderful your granddaughter sews and is learning to quilt.... I hope that day comes for me as well!

    Did you get some cheese while in Tillamook?


  5. Congrats and happy birthday to your granddaughter! It's wonderful that she wants to quilt with you - I hope she keeps up the interest as she gets older and life gets busier! The museum sounds wonderful.

  6. Perhaps someday I will be able to share this passion with one of my granddaughters. That would be so much fun! Congrats to your GD on her graduation. Have fun and treasure your moments together!


  7. Congrats to your GD on her graduation. How cool that she is a quilter too!

  8. Congrats and happy birthday to your granddaughter...I always wished my GD's would take up quilting,but they are too busy at studies and Uni.. It's wonderful that she wants to quilt with you. you both have fun!
    Julia ♥