Thursday, April 22, 2021

Medallion Quilt

I have been delinquent again!  You would think that I would have tons of spare time to read blogs and add to mine, but the days seem to fly by.

I finished this wall hanging this week and it is hanging in our bedroom.  I found the pattern in the Fall/Winter 2019 Quilt Sampler.  It was designed by Mary Koval, who owns Mary's Quilt Shop in Bedford, Pennsylvania and has the name "Blend Together."  I had a toile for the center, but the picture is kind of light against the pink.  But that was in my stash, so I used it. 

The pattern called for one more border, but I thought it was big enough.  

Here's a close up of the medallion.

The weather has been beautiful lately!  And this dogwood tree is practically in our yard, but actually is in our next door neighbor's yard - about 4-5 feet from our driveway.  We're lucky to have it so close to our house!

We are thankful that it didn't go down when we had the ice storm a couple months ago - I think it was around Valentine's Day.  The branches were weighed way down across our driveway and I was afraid they would crack off, but they didn't!  Thousands of trees didn't make it and our town is still cleaning them up.

I had my 2 vaccinations and didn't have any bad reaction to them (Moderna) thankfully.  

Some of my time has been used up with yard work.  I have planted flowers in the ground and in pots.  My clematis has one blossom and lots of buds on it.  I purchased another one that is purple and will bloom all summer.  My bleeding heart hasn't appeared, so I may buy another one.  But my lily of the valley is blooming and other plants are poking their way out of the ground!  It's a beautiful time of year!