Friday, September 30, 2016


 A quick post as I'm getting ready to go to "QUILTOPIA" in Salem, OR this morning.

I finished 2 more triangles for my Dear Jane quilt.  These are numbers 3 and 4 for the right side.  I really like them both, but I love #4 as it was very easy.  #3, not so much.  You can probably see that I machine appliquéd the diamond shapes as well as the small point in the middle bottom area.  But I did hand appliqué the circle.

If it weren't for this blog about how to make each of the DJ blocks, I would really not have any hair!    These would be impossible for my pea brain to figure out.  Jane must have been a genius!

Right side 3 and 4

The trees are turning and this is the view from our patio.  Our next door neighbor has a huge maple tree plus a Japanese maple with beautiful leaves.  The bad part is that about half of the leaves will land in our yard soon.  They are already starting to fall.

Have a great day and come back soon.  I will post some pictures from the quilt show!

Monday, September 26, 2016


 Last week I kept busy making 3 purses.  The first 2 below are with the french fabric that I got at a garage sale.  I used 2 different brown fabrics for the bottom and trim.  I really like how these purses turned out.

Here's the back view with the Eiffel Tower.

This back view is a little different with the map of France and of course the Eiffel Tower again.

I made one Batik purse with a charm pack and some brown Batik yardage.

Other side.

There are pockets all around the inside of the purses.

I think I will keep the green purse and try to sell the other two.   I have enough of the French fabric to make a couple more purses.

Today I decided I needed to work on my Dear Jane quilt some more.  I got these 2 finished and the last one for the top row needs some hand work.  I also picked out some fabric to continue with the triangles.  Hopefully, I will finish DJ some time next year.

Top Border 11 and 12
I have some appliqué and knitting to work on during the debate tonight.  

Monday, September 19, 2016


 These are the broken dishes blocks to send to Barb here for the block swap.  They measure 4 1/2" square and there are 40 of 2 different fabrics.

I will be receiving 80 different blocks in exchange!  Lots of fun!

I just finished 2 doll quilts that will be put into my Etsy shop.  I love pink and brown together!

I bought this tote bag pattern at BJs quilt shop in Cloverdale, OR in August and decided to make 2 bags; one is with a charm pack that I also got there.

 Here's the front panel with the green charm pack squares sewn together and a brown batik which will be on the bottom of the bag.  I'm also making one with he Paris fabric.  Now I'm trying to find some fabric to use for the lining - I don't want to use just muslin, although maybe I will.

Have a nice week everyone!  The weather here is getting cooler!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016


I've been making HSTs day in and day out lately and just finished 40 broken dishes blocks measuring 4 1/2" unfinished.  

Now I will start on 40 more in a different red fabric.

design wall with almost 40 broken dish  blocks underneath my DJ triangles & 1st row.
 In the mean time, I decided to make a couple baby quilts to donate at my quilt guild meeting on Monday.  When I went to a quilt show last month I bought a grab bag for $1.00 and in it was a collection of 6" charm squares.  I put them together into 2 baby quilt tops with borders.

The backings were either free or purchased at a garage sale.

Speaking of garage sales, as many of you know, I love to go to them to see what bargains I can find.  Here's one bargain I found recently - over 2 yards of Timeless Treasures "Paris" fabric for $3.00!  I wonder what I will do with this?

I have an idea, so be sure to come back to see if I get something made soon.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


 Since it's been almost 3 months since working on my Dear Jane quilt, I decided I needed to take a little time and get going on my side triangles.  I made 4 triangles for the top row and I already had 6 of the top row done, so that means I only have 3 more to have the top row finished.

Top Row Triangles 7 - 10
They keep getting more complicated it seems.  The first one in the photo, #7, was the worst.  The red and white one was the next worst.  For it I paper pieced the two diamond shapes near the bottom and the only hand appliqué I did was the rounded humps on the bottom and they didn't turn out even, but will stay as they are.

On Thursday, Abby came over to sew.  I thought she wanted to make a pillow, but she said she wanted to make another doll quilt instead.  She picked out the teddy bear fabric for the top and I was fine with that as it was a lot faster to get the top done since all she needed to do was add the borders.  Here she is pin basting the layers.  She kept wanting to put the pin through my cutting mat!

Then she stitched in the ditch with navy blue thread and only veered off into the white 2 times and it doesn't show very much.

She wanted me to do the quilting in gold thread, so I proceeded to quilt around the teddy bear, but the gold thread kept breaking, so once I got totally around him, that was it for the gold thread.

Then I remembered I have some "glow in the dark" thread and I used that to outline the stars, teddy's heart and do some top stitching in the white borders.  She was thrilled at how it looked in the bathroom with the door closed!

By that time she was DONE sewing for the day.  All we need to do is turn the backing over for the binding, which we will do soon.  She starts school on Tuesday, so there won't be as much time available.  It was a fun day for both of us!