Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finished Baby Quilt!!!

Hooray!! The baby quilt is finished and ready to take down to Corpus Christi for the baby shower on Sunday afternoon. I took it to my quilters guild meeting on Monday night for show & tell. We leave for CC tomorrow after a doctor's appointment. It's a 7 hour drive, so we should get there around supper time.
Here is a close up picture. I machine quilted it and hand quilted around each embroidered picture.
I have some fabric to make sheets for the cradle (see below). I started to make them on Tuesday night, but then I thought it might be better to sew them up when I get down there so I can be sure they will fit the mattress tight enough, but not too tight. I am going to make them like a pillow case with a velcro closure. I found the pattern on the internet and this should ensure it will fit good and not come undone.
I am getting packed for the trip, so better go. I have some stitchery projects to work on in the car, books to read, etc. My DH does all the driving, so that leaves me free to just enjoy the ride!


  1. Beautiful quilt! And such cute prints for the sheets. Isn't it fun to be a grandma!
    Safe travel!
    Linda H

  2. Hi Ruth,

    The quilt looks wonderful!

    Have a wonderful visit.


  3. The quilt is beautiful! I love the little embroideries. And what a fun idea for the sheet style -- you'll have to show us when they get done!