Friday, March 28, 2008

Meeting with another Blogger!!!

Yesterday I had a meeting with a blogging friend! When I came across Jewell's blog
I was wondering what kind of job she and her husband had. She said they were travelling around the country and she was in Texas. I commented on her blog and we corresponded. Then we decided to meet when she came back to Texas and was going to be near where I live. We arranged to meet after work. I drove to where they were parked in front of a Wal Mart with the race car that they take around . I wondered who would be interested in looking at it!?! On the way, I was feeling kind of nervous. But, I didn't need to. Jewell is as friendly as most quilters and her husband is a really nice man. They have been married over 50 years! Jewell and I went out to eat and shared about our lives and talked about sewing, quilting, families, etc. etc. It was a really good time! No need to worry. I was also amazed at how many people stopped to look at the car and take pictures of it! I don't suppose we should be surprised that others have favorite hobbies and interests - after all, we seem to be pretty obsessive about our own! We took pictures too - it was real windy, so don't look at our hair!
Jewell makes sample quilts for a quilt shop near her home and she works on them while on their trips around the country. Have a safe trip!


  1. that's what blogging is about, I think, meeting new people and sharing experiences.

    I'm going to Paducah and plan on stopping in on a blogger/teacher there from Maine, I'm from Louisivlle.

  2. I told you I would give you the blog site of Mrs. Goodneedle I think you will enjoy reading all she has to write about, I know I do
    Check her out!
    Thanks for all the nice comments about DH and myself, we enjoyed meeting you also. He hasn't downloaded my pics yet, but will soon and I will post them. Catch you later, J

  3. IT's me again, I put the blog address for Mrs. goodneedle's