Monday, July 31, 2017


I'm up to date with my Moda Blocks.  I decided to start making 2 of each block and plan to go back and make one more each of the previous blocks because I want to make a larger quilt than I would get with just one of each of the 48 6" blocks.  This way, I will have 96 blocks that I can arrange into a queen size quilt somehow.

The name of the first one here is Devil's Claw.  I'm not particularly fond of that name and was telling DH that.  He suggested I rename it to Hour Glass.  The second 2 blocks with the flying geese is just called Flying Geese Variation. 

All of my blocks until now have been made with Betsy Cutchian's fabric line "Rachel Remembered." The pink and purple block on the right is NOT from Betsy's fabrics except for the background.   I am starting to run out of the FQs that I got of Betsy's fabrics, so from now on will need to use up some of my vast supply of other CW fabrics and scraps.

A while back I bought a yard of this patriotic panel and have been trying to figure out what to do with it.  Finally came up with an idea for a small wall hanging which will incorporate 4 of the pictures from the panel with flying geese in between.  We'll see if I like it or not.


  1. There you are making 2 of each of the blockheads blocks and I never managed to make even one. You go, girl! Looking really good.
    I look forward to seeing the little patriotic creation.

  2. If you squint, the claw blocks kinda look like sea horses...

    Great work making two of each, but I know surprise there! It's going to be a wonderful quilt when it's done and I know you'll enjoy the effect those extra blocks provide.

  3. Your blockhead blocks will make a marvelous quilt. Good luck with your cute patriotic panels. I'm sure the end product will be lovely.

  4. They look good Ruth. I've seen blocks like used as the centre of star blocks which looked neat. I'm sure you'll come up with a terrific design. The panel will look terrific - you always make great projects.

  5. Your blocks look great, but one of each is all I want to make. I love the little patriotic panel. Just wonderin': is that little girl wrapped in the flag maybe Betsy Ross? She really is cute! I've never seen that panel; looking forward to see what you do with it. ---"Love"