Saturday, July 2, 2016


We have been gone about 2 weeks due to going to Florida to help our DS#2/DIL/GD move up here to Oregon!  What a trip!  After helping them clear out their house, we left for the 3,000 mile trip by car and a rental truck towing another car.  It was very hot everywhere we stopped until we got to Oregon!

We visited the Grand Canyon and had a great time there.

The men took turns driving the car and truck.  I only drove a few hours.  Since they are both former truck drivers, the long distance driving didn't bother them.

Mt. Shasta in northern CA
I had some knitting and embroidery projects along to give me something to do on the trip.  The cherry embroidery is on a dish towel.

I'm making a couple Christmas throw pillows.

I also had a regular book to read as well as some books on my tablet.  The weather was sunny and hot the whole way until we hit Oregon and then it was sunny and mild.  Yea!!  Today, DS and family went to see Mt. Hood and Multnoma Falls.  DH and I stayed home - still recuperating from the long trip.  I did a tiny bit of sewing while they were gone today as I was in withdrawal!  I can't wait to get going on some projects that are waiting for me.

I really wanted to go to the Sisters quilt show this year, but just didn't have the energy to drive the 3 hours each way right now.  I'm sure many others will post pictures, so that will have to suffice.

Have a great Independence Day celebration!


  1. Glad you had a safe trip/move, and some fun along the way. Your pictures of the family and Grand Canyou are great! Thanks for sharing; I've been all around near it but never got there! Get some rest now! You then will be able to quilt faster. *grin* ---"Love"

  2. Wow what a big trip. Thanks for the great photos. I've always wanted to visit the Canyon. One day. Your cherry stitching is adorable!
    Glad you hear you had good weather.
    You'll have to hit sisters another year. I'm hoping for photos too.

  3. That is a very long trip, not to mention unloading a house before getting started. Cary and I did a road trip last fall, Chicago to New Mexico, New Mexico to the Grand Canyon, and the Grand Canyon to L.A. That was the first time that I saw the Grand Canyon. It is just amazing. Do your son and DIL have a place yet? I bet you are happy to have them close to you. I hope to get to Sister's soon, maybe in 2017.
    Rest up. I am hoping for a sew day tomorrow.

  4. There is nothing that comes close to a roadtrip thru the US. I have such wonderful memories of the roadtrips I was able to make thru various states of your beautiful country. And the Grand Canyon is the most amazing thing I have seen in my life. Hope to be able to visit again some time. Have a lovely 4th of July!

  5. You always take such amazing photos on your travels. It looks like it was a fun trip, though long. But now they're much closer to you, so yay for that! One day I'll get to Sisters, too...

  6. Wow! wHAT A TRIP!! I love road trips.
    The weather is supposed to be lousy on Saturday so you may not be missing much.