Sunday, July 10, 2016


We went into Salem the other day and walked across the Willamette River on this walking bridge, which used to be a train bridge.

Abby and DS looking out at the river.

Looking north at the Willamette River
The doll quilt is finished now.  Below is a picture of Abby quilting it on my Janome 6600 sewing machine.  I decided it would be easier and best for her to use this machine instead of the Featherweight because this one has a stitch speed regulator that I could set so no matter how hard she pressed down on the foot pedal, it would only go to the speed I set it for.  She stitched across each diagonal row to form an X on each block.

The back of the finished quilt.  She picked some fabric with pictures of deer and bears on it, because she has been delighted to see lots of deer around our neighborhood.

The top of the doll quilt!

I folded the back over the front and ironed it down so all she had to do was stitch around it on the sewing machine.  I decided that would be easier for her first quilt.  ALL DONE!


  1. Congratulations to your Abby! Great job on your first quilt!

  2. ABBY, Not only did you do a wonderful job of piecing, but you quilting really nice. (How did you like using that big Janome sewing machine?) Nice choice of backing fabric too. Did your grandmother show you how to make a label for your first quilt with you name and the date?

    Ruth, that smile on Abby's face proves she is very proud of herself, and well she should be! She is such a cutie! ---"Love"

  3. That looks like a beautiful place for a walk!
    Congrats to Abby on her finish. She looks mighty happy with it--and I love how she expressed herself with her backing choice. : )

  4. She did a great job. And she looks so happy with her finished quilt.

  5. Abby did a great job! I see many more quilty projects in her future. Love that smile. She is proud of her work and rightfully so.

  6. Abby looks so proud of her first quilt and it is beautiful! What fun to share a love of quilting with her.