Thursday, July 7, 2016


Our DS and family are staying with us until the rental house is ready on July 19th, and since we have a small house, they are living in my sewing room.  Yesterday I decided to set up my featherweight on the patio since it was such a beautiful day.  I no sooner began sewing than my GD Abby said she wanted to learn how to sew!  

So, I found her some 3" square scraps and she picked out the ones she liked to make a doll quilt.

She is learning to line the fabric up against the 1/4" marker.

The speed of this machine is kind of hard to regulate, but she managed to figure out a way.

Once my Janome is more available, I can let her sew on that and turn the speed down to low, so it will be easier for her.  We don't want any fingers getting sewn!

The top of her doll quilt is done!!

BTW, Abby is 7 years old.  So far she is signed up in the summer reading program at the library and we have been to several parks with play grounds.  I'm sure we will find more to report on.  The house they rented is about 2 miles from our house.  DS starts his job on Monday!

My project will get done, but maybe not in time for my brother's birthday, which is a special one for him.  We might get rain today, so the table might get set up in the garage for sewing.


  1. Congratulations to Abby on a doll top very well done. She aligned those seams very well. You must be so proud. Enjoy the gang home. ;^)

  2. How exciting! What a cute little quilt. Where will your son be working?

  3. GREAT JOB, ABBY! You have a great teacher also! I'm sure she is thrilled that you are such a fast learner.

    Wish I had had a granddaughter; I had to settle for a grandson who thought he wanted to be a quilter. I think he has abandoned that idea now. Glad your son will be starting work soon, and that his family will be getting moved to their new place soon also. Don't worry; you will get your brother's quilt done in time somehow. You may not sleep much for a night or two, but I'm betting it gets finished in time. ---"Love"

  4. What a cutie! Grab them while they are young. I know you are proud grand ma.

  5. We do what needs doing, and family definitely takes priority.
    How fun that Abby made a doll quilt--she looks very pleased.

  6. Abby is growing into a beautiful young lady! What fun to teach her to sew, enjoy sharing a love of fabric with her.

  7. What a kind and indulgent grandmother you are. Abby may become a quilter for life with this early success, so kudos to you!

  8. So cute! Both her and her little doll quilt. Outdoor sewing looks like fun. I'll have to try it once the weather cools a little.
    What a industrious girl :)

  9. It is wonderful when GDs want to learn to sew. Great Job, Abby.

  10. I can not believe how grown up Abby is getting. She is a beauty. Looks like she will be a quilter too, she did a great job. It is nice that they are able to stay with you until the rental is ready for them.
    I bet your quilt will be finished on time.

  11. What a wonderful granny you are to share your machine AND your fabric. LOL. She's not only beautiful, but very talented to have picked up the basics so quickly. Wishing you both many more fun sewing hours together.