Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last summer when we were in Pennsylvania, I went to a small cross stitch shop looking for something for our new GS's Christmas stocking.  Instead I found a small cross stitch pattern with a log cabin on it.  I decided to make it for me and I finished stitching it last year.  Finally I got it made into a pillow.  The first picture is kind of dark but I think you can read the verse a little better - one word is light and doesn't show up very well in the second picture.

I made it into a pillow and it measures 12x12".  This picture shows up the HSTs a little better.  The fabric is red and green with pine branches on them.

We got a new camper and went camping in it so we could figure out how everything works and get anything adjusted before we take it on a longer trip.  We just went an hour and a half away to the town of Glen Rose, TX.  While we were camping I had some time to sew and I finished the cross stitching for Eli's Christmas stocking.  Yea!!  The stitches are tiny - 24 to an inch.  I don't think I'll do that again!!  Now I just have to make the stocking to put it on.

Here's our new (to us) camper!  It is a 29' fifth wheel and compared to our old camper, it is huge!  It is easy to unhook and hook up the truck so we can take side trips without taking the camper along.

Here is the bedroom with my new camping pillowcases and new homespun curtains that I made.

Little closer look at the curtains.

We can't believe how much storage space the camper has.  Plenty or room for my sewing supplies, sewing machine and anything else we want to bring.  It has a TV with a DVD player and a radio/CD player.  We love it and can't wait for Jonah to see it.  I hope he likes it as much as our other camper.


  1. Great! What a fun way to travel and sewing is a PLUS!!!!!

    Beautiful quilt on the bed and your CCS pillows are wonderful.


  2. That's not a camper, that's a house on wheels! The curtains are great and I love the quilt on the bed. I'm sure Jonah is going to be thrilled, though I think you and your hubby are the true draw for him. Both stitcheries are pretty, but 24 stitches to the inch? I don't think I can see that small!

  3. What a nice cross stitch did a great job with it and turned it into a lovely pillow!

    You must be lovin' that big camper... what fun you'll have!

  4. Your little pillow is a perfect choice for the COUNTRY LOG CABIN quilter.
    You are really going to travel in style--and to be able to take along your sewing. How cool is that?

  5. What a nice 5th wheel, I'm sure you will have many enjoyable long trips. We had a Jayco 5th wheel for many years, I miss camping under the trees and stars. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Wow! That's a fancy rig! I know you will enjoy it, and Jonah will love it! Your curtains and that quilt look great!
    My sister did cross stitch, but I couldn't do it if I had to! Your work is beautiful, and will become treasured even more as time passes! The little poem is perfect for your kind of living.---"Love"

  7. Both of the cross stitches are beautiful. Yep, 24 is kinda small, I don't think I would try that. Your new camper is great! You will enjoy traveling in it. Have lots of fun!

  8. I don't do cross stitch well at all - your pieces are beautiful.

    I have a guest bedroom with a lodge/log cabin theme. The pillow would go perfectly.

  9. lovely cross stitch, it looks great with Lori's quilt long
    Your new camper is neat, the Br looks cozy and snug with the curtains you made - how fun!

  10. That looks like so much fun!! Gotta love the storage too, which a camper does NOT have!!
    Great cross stitch projects.

  11. Your new camper looks fantastic, hope you get lots of pleasure from it.

  12. Loved the pillow and the stocking, Ruth. And, what a great camper! Enjoy!

  13. what a beauty..we also purchased 2yrs ago a new to us 5th wheel same it.Have to thank you for the idea..I too have to change curtains and the blinds look great... happy camping and stitching...