Sunday, November 27, 2011


Starting to, that is.  I have done some shopping.  This week I finished Eli's Christmas stocking!  Yea!  I put out a few Christmas decorations, including some wall hangings.  We won't be home for Christmas as we are going to be visiting 2 DSs and their families for Christmas and birthdays.  Eli is turning one and Abigail will turn three right after Christmas.  I have a little Christmas tree that I'm going to take in the camper, plus a couple other little decorations.

Not long ago I saw this little quilt on someone's blog and now I can't remember which blog it was - sorry!  Correction:  I saw the quilt here and Kathie from Inspired by Antique Quilts had made it.  Anyway, I couldn't resist making it.  The HSTs finish at 2".  Yesterday I basted this, plus another small quilt and also put together and basted the teen-age boy donation quilt.  I want to get it finished before we leave and I quilted about 1/3 of it.

I love to browse through antique shops and last week in Glen Rose, TX, I found a few little items.
An old wood box, a tea towel and a potholder.

The linen tea towel has a name sewn onto it - Mrs. W A. Perryman.  I love the unusual design.  I wonder how old it is.

I HAD to buy this potholder as it is exactly like the ones my grandma used to make, except she didn't make the scalloped edge.

In the mornings I go for a walk down to the pond that is about 3/4 mile from our house, I walk around the pond and then to home.  This pictures shows some of our fall color.  It's not as good as up north, but we love it anyway.  There are usually ducks swimming in the pond and sometimes a heron.

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  1. I guess I need to get in gear and get the decorations up as well. I love the half squares, turned out wonderfully!

  2. I am working on finding places to display Christmas quilts. I don't do much decorating except with the quilts and a little tree.
    I used the same template as you for my blog. The star topped trees are prim style and I like the look.
    Do you have plans for the wood box? I have one I use in my sewing room to stand rulers I use in quilting.

  3. cute stocking!
    the little quilt was made by Kathie, of Inspired by antique quilts and gifted to Janet of Quiltsalot - your version is wonderful!

  4. You've been busy with a variety of projects. Love the little quilt and the antique finds.

  5. Your little quilt is adorable, so scrappy and colorful! Your antique shop finds are great, I really like the wooden box. What will you use it for? Have fun working on your Christmas things for all the grands!

  6. Love your little triangle quilt in progress. Mind if I borrow your borrowed idea?
    Have to admire those of you getting ready for Christmas. I'm still in autumn mode, but I'd better get with it - maybe a quarter of my neighborhood has their outside decorations up already!

  7. Eli's stocking is precious! So is the little half-square quilt; it changes everytime I look at it; I see something I didn't see before. I have some crocheted pieces like yours, without the scalloped edges too. My aunt made mine, and they are green and white; I use them every Christmas under candy jars, etc. You're doing at least two things I should be doing: walking and Christmas decorating! I'm far behind on both! ---"Love"

  8. Love your HST little quilt, so scrappy and pretty as is the stocking.

  9. I just can't believe that Eli is almost one!!! How did that happen? His stocking is cute.
    I love the fabrics in your little quilt.
    I gathered up all my fall decorations today to one spot so I can pack them up. Next step start decking the halls.

  10. Oh dear, please don't remind me how soon Christmas is! The stocking turned out so cute and I love your new little antiques.

  11. Just have to tell you I love your "Sleighride" music, as well as the others. But I have to just stop and listen; forget about reading anything! *grin* ---"Love"

  12. That is a great Christmas stocking! And I think that is a sweet little quilt.
    Love the photo of where you walk. Beautiful!

  13. What cute finds you made;) Love that little quilt;) Enjoy your holidays with your family;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  14. Eli's stocking is wonderful. I love the plaid fabric.