Thursday, November 3, 2011


This book is the second in a series about homicide detective Roland March and takes place in Houston, Texas.  It begins with the murder of a young woman who was stabbed  to death and then grotesquely stabbed after death.  The murder scene is similar to another murder that Roland March solved and he feels that it might be a copy cat murder.  He believes the murderer might have read the book written about the first murder.  Roland March has problems of his own to deal with as well:  getting along with his co-workers and adjusting to his wife’s conversion to Christianity.  His integrity is being questioned as well as his methods in solving the first murder.   This was a book that was hard to put down and I will look forward to other books in this series.  I enjoy mysteries and if you read books written by John Lescroart, I’m sure you will like this one also.  I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for writing a review.

I won these lady bug buttons from Barb.  The buttons are made in South Africa and you can learn more about them at Button Mad.  The making of the buttons helps to employ women in that country.  Thanks, to the people at Button Mad and Barb!

This is the latest Civil War Block, number 44, Union.  We're getting near the end!  Then what will I do with these 52 blocks!  I'll have to figure out a setting, which isn't my favorite job, but I will want it to be at least queen size.  Barbara Brackman suggests making 4 extra blocks for a total of 56 and lay them out 8 by 7.  With sashing and border that might come out to large enough.
Happy quilting!


  1. Your CW #44 is very nice, like the dark colors. I do hope Barbara B. has something new in store for us in 2012

  2. I'm sure you will figure out what to do with your CW blocks; they are all beautiful. I see why you didn't want to make this one before you came over Sat. morning! You may have to make a floral wall hanging to sew those cute lady bug buttons on, you think? The book sounds interesting, but when do you find time to read that much? Enjoy the day! ---"Love"

  3. The latest Civil War block looks pretty complicated, but you did a great job! I love the fussy cut "Union" in the corners! And those cute!

  4. What adorable ladybug buttons. I haven't been into the "buttons on quilts" thing, but this could tempt me. They are so cute.
    I love this CW block. I didn't start blogging until May and as I came across people doing these blocks I started downloading patterns and planning on doing a lap quilt. I am ready to admit defeat. I'll not get it done. I did use the patterns for some donation blocks, though. Helps me feel like I didn't totally fail. : )

  5. This CW block is so pretty. One of my favorites I think. Ijust love all the colors you used and the fussy cut center.
    Cute buttons.
    I have a book from them to read and review.
    I better give up sleeping.

  6. Your Civil War block is great, as usual. It will be interesting getting all these blocks together.

    Like the buttons, too.

  7. Thanks for the interesting book review! And I loved seeing the ladybug buttons! I too made a CW ended up being long and not as wide as needed, so I probably should have set it up differently and maybe made more blocks...when you do a block of the month format it's sometimes hard to figure ot out at the end! :-) Anyway, the block is just lovely!

    I am back after a break while moving to AZ (for details, see my blog A Colorful World) but I hope you will visit my quilting blog soon, and see my newly set up sewing room. I'm ready to roll!