Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Valley of Dreams by Lauraine Snelling

Valley of Dreams is the first of a series.  I don’t know how many books will be in the series, however.  I enjoyed this book immensely, but the end kind of left me hanging.  While the story did reach a conclusion, it wasn’t a very complete conclusion.  Cassie grew up in the Wild West Show in which her parents were partners.  After they died, the remaining partner couldn’t manage it very well and it closed down, leaving Cassie literally out in the cold.  Along with two good friends from the show, she takes off looking for the valley that her father dreamed about settling in.  The story takes you on their search from North to South Dakota as they camp in the wilderness and hunt for their food.  Cassie discovers some interesting papers hidden in the Wild West Show’s wagon in which she is traveling.  I plan to look for the next book in the series and recommend the book to you as well.  If you are interested in reviewing books for Bethany House Publishers, go to their website and sign up here

I received this amazing gift from Love recently and I plan to hang it in the new camper.  Since I won't be able to take a picture of it in the camper for a while I decided I needed to post some close up pictures of it now.  This is a crazy quilt of the State of Texas and is wonderfully detailed.  Check out the following pictures of some of the sections.
Western Texas....
 Southern Texas....
 The Panhandle....
 Northeastern Texas....

I can't wait to hang it in the camper and when I do, I will post a picture of it on the wall.  I have an idea of where I might put it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. That is so cute, I love it eventhough I don't live in Texas! The detail is fantastic!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well! Enjoy your day.

  2. What a fun gift!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Special Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family Ruth!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  4. You got some really good pictures of the details! As I told you before, when I saw it, I knew it had to come home with me for you! Too bad I can't claim having made it! Hope you enjoy it! ---"Love"

  5. What a unique wall hanging quilt. Great embellishments, this Texas gal just loves it. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. That's an amazing quilt. I wonder if I could make one for Ohio.

  7. That 'Texas' is just so unique. I now you will enjoy it forever.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Incredible! So many details and charms and FUN! I love the armadillo!

  9. Whoever made that was extremely talented! What a great find, Love. Ruth, it deserves a place of honor!