Wednesday, April 7, 2010


On March 27, I met a blogger (quilting memories) from North Carolina to go shopping. Her DH drives a truck around the country that hauls a race car and they display it at various stores (such as Home Depot, Walmart, etc.) for the Scott company. I met her for the first time about 2 years ago and they were back in TX. This time I took her to the 3 LQSs that I shop at most.

First we went to Just Stitchin' in at 605 Cedar Street in Cedar Hill, TX. This is the shop closest to me, so I go here the most. I usually see friends from my quilting guild here when I shop (some of them work here).
The had the quilt from the Cedar Hill Quilters Guild on display. It is a gorgeous quilt and will be raffled off in October.
We also went to Common Threads at 315 Rogers Street, Waxahachie, TX. This is my favorite reproduction fabric store. Almost all their fabric is reproductions! I love going to Waxahachie. It is such a neat old town.
Here is an adorable doll dress quilt they had on display and will be having a class to make it. I'm sorry if these pictures don't enlarge. I forgot to bring my camera, so I stole these pictures off of Quilting Memories. If you go there, they will enlarge.
Today we are going to get our camper ready to go and we will be leaving tomorrow for Arkansas. Over the weekend we will be taking care of Jonah and then we plan to do some camping!!! Finally!!!

Oh! and BTW, I won another drawing!


  1. Have a wonderful trip!!
    Bonnie Hunter used to live in Waxahachie! Whenever I would send a package the postman would get a good chuckle about the town name.

  2. Oh, I love Common Threads too. I need to check out Just Stitching sometime!
    Sorry you will miss the Bear Creek Show in Fort Worth this weekend, but I'm sure you will have fun with Jonah and camping. Do be careful. ---"Love"

  3. Have a safe trip and enjoy your time with Jonah, as well as the long-awaited camping. -Joanne

  4. Common Threads is indeed a fantastic shop. I've been meaning to make a trip down there again.

    The gal that designed the doll quilt teaches all over the DFW area too. I know she's doing monthly classes at Houston Street Mercantile in Granbury.

  5. Sounds like you and your friend had a wonderful time visiting the quilt shops.

    Have a good trip to Arkansas and enjoy your new camper! Give Jonah a big hug from all of us bloggers.

  6. Thanks for sharing your LQS. Beautiful raffel quilt.
    Have fun with Jonah and enjoy camping.

  7. Looks like great shops!! Have a safe and fun trip :) Christine

  8. I'd certainly buy some raffle tickets in that quilt. It's stunning! What a wonderful way to spend the day visiting quilt shops. Ann :-)