Monday, October 11, 2021


It's been a while again.  I have been very busy and it won't be slowing down until the end of the year.  I have several craft shows scheduled from now until a couple weeks before Christmas so a lot of my time gets used up preparing for those.  

This week I noticed that my grandson keeps wearing the same mask that I made him several months ago and when I asked him about it, it said he had lost a few.  So I decided I better make him a few more.  While I was at it, I made some other ones for DH, myself (although I don't really need more) and friends.   I noticed some plaids in the closet and thought that would be good for men.

Top one is the more dressy one and there
was also a red plaid one that he took.

Lining for the men's masks

Ladies and Girls sizes (not all finished)

Lining for the ladies/girls masks

I also got  Lori's quilt-a-long instructions for this week.  So far, I am keeping up with it.  I'm not sure how long it will continue.  Here's what I have so far.

I hope it's not too scrappy!  It's hard to know what arrangement to do when you don't know what it is going to look like when it's finished.

Now, I will be working on a quilt that my granddaughter helped me with when we visited in Florida.  She said she wants it, so I will be sending it to her for her birthday.  I'm getting ready to put the borders on and will post it soon.

Happy Fall!!



  1. The masks are great! I love the plaid - I might have to think about adding a plaid one to my hoard (I haven't lost any, but now have some for all the holidays!)... And I know exactly what you mean about a mystery quilt. I'm sure it will turn out well, though.

  2. Nice looking masks. I believe I have used both of those patterns, too, or very similar ones.
    Your SAL blocks look good. I need to get step 4 done.

  3. Those masks look great, and I'm thinking they are still necessary today, or will be again soon! I agree it is truly hard to know what to do with scrap blocks like those. You will probably spend a lot of time re-arranging them on your design wall before you make a final decision on placement. Whatever, it will probably turn out to be a pretty and interesting quilt! Have fun with the blocks! ---"Love"

  4. Your quiltalong blocks are perfect!

  5. I too have to make more masks. Where did you get the pattern for the men's mask? I haven't tried that pattern yet and they look comfy. Love your blocks for Lori's sew-along. Enjoy! ;^)

  6. Love your scrappy quilt blocks, the more scraps the better!