Saturday, July 7, 2018


I've been very busy basting and quilting, so why? do I waste time???

First of all I worked on this project, Secret Window, and got it quilted.  It is pretty wonky, so I hope when I put the binding on it will straighten up.  I used different colors of threads when quilting the flowers and then used a turquoise thread when quilting the "window" lines and backgrounds.

I started out quilting the backgrounds a different way and then had to take out all the stitching (of the background that I had done) because my tension knob changed and loosened up the top thread which was showing through to the backing.  The tension knob is right in front of my machine and is easily bumped without my knowledge until I notice that it is way off.  I don't know when or how it happens, but it is very frustrating when it does.  After fixing the tension, I decided to stitch feathers in the black and turquoise background parts and I liked it a lot better than my original choice which was ripped out.

Here is a pile of basted Christmas wall hangings (2) and table toppers (3).

I also finished my Topsy Turvy table runner which I posted about here.  Before I basted and quilted it I decided to change a couple of the side triangles so that I wouldn't have 2 of the same fabrics right next to each other.  I quilted this with Barb's Baptist fan stencil and that went quickly.

Moving along, I quilted another table runner made with Australian fabric.

Here comes the wasting time part.  I have some boxes where I will put little pieces of fabric or HSTs, etc.  In fact, I have quite a few of these boxes, be they those plastic shoe boxes, or smaller ones like the one below.

Sometimes I will look into these boxes and get side-tracked by taking time to square up HSTs, maybe sew a few into pinwheels, etc.   Or place them into baggies that I have with the size written on the baggie.  I have HSTs in all sizes for future use!

I came across some pieces of scraps that I had started to sew together some years ago.  I just don't like to waste fabric, so I don't throw small pieces away.  You never know when you might need it, right?

I made these small pieces into coasters of various sizes.  I had these left overs from making some 9-patches years ago for DS#3/DILs bed quilt and couldn't stand to toss them.  I love some of these fabrics!

Others were from a variety of other projects.

One never knows when one will need these tiny pieces of fabric!  Am I nuts or what?  Don't answer that question!


  1. No..........not nuts! And these are adorable.

  2. No, not nuts, you're actually using those bits and pieces! Something I need to do rather than just saving them in umpteenth little bins.

  3. Well, if you're nuts so am I because I love to play with teeny tiny little bits of fabric too. So, we're in the same boat, lol. I love the little coasters you made. Gorgeous fabric. Talking about gorgeous, the flower in Secret Window is so awesome! WOW! It really has the WOW factor. Awesome work. ;^)

  4. Great projects! You're getting a lot done, so I wouldn't worry about wasting time. And the older I get, the harder I find it is to throw out the little bits. Maybe it's not age, but seeing all the fantastic scrap quilts, but whatever it is, some days I annoy myself! So you're not alone. And you're not crazy!

  5. Very pretty Secret Window! Nice job.
    Your basting binge is inspiring me to get some things basted (even though right now my should still won't let me FMQ large things).
    Love those Australian fabrics!
    You know I don't think you are nuts. Little pieces can make such beautiful little treasures, as you clearly show here. :)

  6. Secret Window is beautiful! So bright and colorful with lots of great quilting! I love Topsy Turvy, too, love the fabrics! Glad to hear you are playing with your scraps. The make some of the most interesting quilts and projects. Enjoy every minute of it!

  7. No, my dear, you are not crazy; you're just one of a large group of quilters who do exactly the same thing---well, almost the same thing. I save all my little scraps too, but I'm not as organized as more of you, and it seems I rarely ever use those little pieces! That needs to change! Your Secret Window is beautiful! I understand your frustration there; I've been having similar tension problems. Ugh! I'm about to accept the idea that "Finished is better than Perfect"! ---"Love"

  8. I don't call that wasting at all! You have made lovely useful projects!!
    You have been a busy lady and I LOVE seeing all of your lovely quilting.