Thursday, June 21, 2018


Where does the time go?  I decided that I was going to finish a Christmas project that I had wanted to get finished for last Christmas.  But since we weren't going to be home for Christmas last year, I decided on other priorities.  This year, however, we plan to be home for Christmas, so I am going to finish this wall hanging.  I found it in the November/December 2015 issue of Quiltmania magazine and since we used to do a lot of RVing, I knew that I HAD to make it.  It is now ready for the borders and then quilting.  I decided to do raw edge appliqué, so I have all the pieces ironed on and when I quilt it I will do straight stitching around the appliquéd pieces.  I've never done that before, but I figure that since it's a wall hanging it won't be handled or washed very much.  Plus being on the wall it will be viewed from a distance (not a huge distance, but not super close up either), so it won't be too noticeable.  It will finish at about 54" x 37".

Another wall hanging below, but this one will be for sale at a craft show.  I saw a tutorial from Jordan Fabrics in Grants Pass, Oregon.  A friend from my guild in Texas had some across some YouTube videos from there and asked if I had ever been to the shop.  I hadn't, but did check out their videos and came across the one for Secret Window Panel Wall Hanging (you can find it on YouTube if you are interested).  Anyway, I thought it was interesting and tucked it away in my memory.

While on our trip to Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois in April, I stopped at a quilt shop in Des Moines, Iowa and saw this panel.  It was perfect for the Secret Window, so I bought it.  Then last week while on a shop hop I was looking for some fabric to make the Secret Window out of and the gal in the shop (Grandma's Attic in Dallas, OR) showed me this green batik.  It looked perfect, so I bought some and I'm very happy with how it looks.  It was very easy to do, which is nice.  It is ready to baste and quilt - don't know how I will quilt it yet.

I walk 5 days a week with my neighbor (she is also my quilting buddy and craft show vendor partner) and we decided to check out Miller Woods for a hike.  Usually we just walk around the neighborhood, but we keep saying we need to get out to more interesting places.  This place is wonderful!  It's about a 12 min. drive, so not very far and it's a wonderful conservation park.

They make bird houses and had them nailed to lots of trees and on posts.

Two deer were on the path and just stood there looking at us and we looked at them for a while till they walked into the ferns and the ferns were so large that we couldn't see them at all!  We could hear the bull frogs in the pond croaking (if that's what you call it), but couldn't get close enough to see them.

We'll definitely be going back there.

Thanks for visiting - Happy Quilting!!


  1. Love your wall hangings and the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That first wall hanging does seem very appropriate for you.
    Interesting technique on the flower panel. Turned out really pretty.
    That appears to be a lovely place to walk!

  3. That Christmas wall hanging is perfect for you and the hubby! The big flower will be lovely too! Do be careful walking out there! Remember (or read about) how it is near where you lived here! It does look like a beautiful place! (You know me---the eternal worry wort!) ---"Love"

  4. It looks like you found a perfect Christmas quilt. It's always fun to find a pattern that looks like it was designed just for you. I have my eye on one in a shop in NS when we visit there later this summer. The park you visited looks lovely. I haven't made it out the hiking trails yet this spring and summer, but you have now encouraged me to make the effort.

  5. The secret window is a neat idea.
    pretty walk - I walk coco everyday sometimes in the neighborhood but often off site. I love a walk in the woods. what a pretty deer.

  6. What a beautiful place for a walk!!
    Love both of your quilts. I'm sure the raw edge applique will be just fine.