Thursday, July 11, 2019


Some frustrations last week and I had to take my Janome to get worked on.  I hope I get it back soon. Luckily, I have a Featherweight, so I'm able to sew, however, I really need to QUILT!  And I use my Janome 6600 for that.  I have 5 things basted right now - small things, but still.

Here is my Featherweight.  As you can see my sewing table overlooks the back yard and the shed back there.  Last week I was sitting at the sewing machine and heard a noise.

I looked out the window just as a huge branch from the maple tree next door fell down into our yard.  Luckily (again), our neighbor cleaned it up (with some help from DH) since it is his tree.

 After finishing American Crossroads (here), I thought I better see what large project to work on next.  So I got out my Moda Blockheads blocks (from 2017) to see what I have.  I put them all up on my design wall and here they are.  I have 53 of them.  Some of them I skipped (just a few) and others I liked a lot so I decided to make 2 (or 3 or 4) of them (usually because they were easy ones).  And, because I want to make a queen size quilt out of them.

This quilt below, Patchwork Barn, was made by my quilt guild to raffle off with the benefits going to the Yamhill County Heritage Museum.  I donated a few of my blockhead blocks for it.  I do love this quilt -  it was designed by Edyta Sitar.  I am thinking I would like to make this quilt with my blocks.  I might not have enough so I may need to make more.  But I could also make the column spacers wider or add some solid squares in the columns.  I will figure out something.

Lots of people add photos of local wildlife to their blog posts, so here is my most recent photo, taken yesterday on my walk.  This snail was crossing the street, very slowly.  He's about 3" long.  I was going to add a photo of some deer, but I've done that before and couldn't find my most recent photo.

My DS#1 has a new toy - at least it looks like one.  It's a one seat airplane.  Yesterday he flew over our house with it!  Don't worry, he wasn't very low - in fact he was so high I could barely see it.  Also, he is a pilot for FedEx and very experienced.

That's about it for today.  I'm hoping to get my Janome back soon so I can get some quilting done. 

Thanks for visiting! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


While I was finishing American Crossroads for the guild challenge, it dawned on me that I might have time to finish a real old UFO.  I embroidered these blocks over 10 years ago, beginning in March 2009.  The blocks are by Willowberry Designs.

Here it is finished, binding and all including a label.  I think it will go to my DIL who raises chicken and loves to garden.

Are you ready for Independence Day!  I have a few patriotic things and decided to hang my "E Pluribis Unum" wall hanging outside in my entrance way this year.

Happy 4th of July!!

Monday, July 1, 2019


I didn't get a lot done with strings, but here is my report for June on my Spider Web quilt top.  The first picture shows some from last month with the darker tan.  I ran out of that, so now I'm using a lighter beige color (which I will also run out of soon).  I'm following Bonnie Hunter's instructions here for making the blocks and I'm using pages from an old Medicare book for the papers.

After the beige "kite" is stuck onto the triangle with a tiny bit of glue, I start sewing strips to each side.  The following picture shows the back of the triangle with the random strips sticking out around the sides.

Here's what it looks like from the front before trimming.

And here's what it looks like after trimming!  A lot better, huh?

Here are my finished triangles for this month.  Not very many.

Well, actually, I had already sewn a few together and put them next to the "quilt top."  You can tell which ones are from this month by the lighter color.

Now that I have run out of the two solid tan & beige fabrics, I have some light colored brown that I might use.  I'm trying to use up fabric, right?  So I don't want to buy more of the solid.  I'll check (dig around in) my sewing closet to see if I can find any more brownish/tanish solids that would look good with it.  

Happy July!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


I saw the American Crossroads quilt about 10 years ago and decided I wanted to make it.  It was published in the Fall/Winter 2005 Quilt Sampler magazine.  I didn't start it until 2016 and finally finished the top in January of this year.

I basted it (as you can see below) earlier this month.

I spent about 11 1/4 hours quilting it on my Janome 6600 sewing machine and  finished it last week.  My clothes line isn't high enough for it not to hang on the ground. The quilt measures about 100" x 90".

Here are some close up pictures showing that most of the fabrics are civil war reproduction fabrics. 

This picture shows the quilting best.  First I stitched in the ditch of all the blocks and then I quilted a flower shape on top of each 4-patch.  In the border I quilted "Swirl Scroll" from Angela Walters "Free Motion Quilting" book.

Today I also started working on another UFO, a small quilt with embroidered blocks - I'll show this one in another post.  It's feeling good to get some of these old UFOs finished!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


 It seems like I have been so busy lately, between sewing a lot and just living.  Last week I had to have oral surgery done for the second time on the same tooth root.  I don't think I did much sewing for a couple days.  I had to return to the dentist the next day (in Salem) and was feeling pretty good, so I went to the thrift shop that is right across the street from the dentist's office.

I saw a doll cradle there for just $5.00 and with Wednesday's 25% discount for senior citizens, it only cost me $3.75.  It didn't come with a mattress, pillow or quilt though, so I had to make those.  Apparently, a lady that lives somewhere on the coast decorated this vintage doll bed by pasting fabric flowers onto it.  She made a lot of other items that were decorated the same way and donated to the shop.  (The thrift store supports a cat shelter).

When "shop hopping" a couple weeks ago I saw this John Deere fabric and bought one yard and one yard of the yellow fabric.  In July, I am a vendor at the Great Oregon Steam-Up held at Powerland Heritage Park.  At the park is a John Deere Museum, so I thought I would make at least a table runner pertaining to that.

Also made an apron.

This doll outfit was a panel of fabric.  It fits an 18" doll.

Thanks for visiting!  What's going on with you?  BTW, the weather has been perfect here!  Today it's 68ยบ!!

Friday, May 31, 2019


This month I started a new string project since I had finished a string quilt last month and donated it.  I had thought about making a spider quilt for quite a while and this seemed the perfect time to get one started.  I went to Bonnie Hunter's web site and scrolled down the free patterns page to Spider Quilt.  I followed her instructions and got started.  Below is my second batch of 20 triangles.  Each one is half a block and it takes 4 blocks to get a spider web.

Here is what I have done so far.  The first 6 blocks are sewn together on the top left and the 20 triangles are just placed on the design wall to see how it will look.  I have used up the solid brown fabric that I had and will next begin to use some other tans and brown pieces for the "kite" sections.

For Memorial Day, I hung up my E Pluribus Unum wall hanging that I made a couple years ago.  The center block is something that I picked up at a garage sale and I have 2 more of them.  I used bow tie blocks from a block exchange for the setting.  This is one of my favorite wall hangings.  The quilt rack was made by DS#3/DIL as a Christmas gift about 10 years ago and it is perfect for displaying quilts.  I like to have different wall hangings to display for different times of the year.  I want to make a fall quilt to hang on it next - one of these days!  It hangs just inside our front door and there is a vintage chair to the left with a doll quilt (from one of Lori's doll quilt exchanges) hanging on it.  Under the wall hanging you can see a little of some felted wool flowers (another garage sale purchase) sitting on a tea cart.

Thanks to those who made suggestions regarding the problem of my comments not posting.  I am still thinking about what to do about it - if there is anything that I can do.  I may try a couple suggestions to see if they will work.  

Monday, May 27, 2019


We aren't doing anything special today except having DS#1 over for dinner.  He has a flight to catch this afternoon, so we're eating early.

I decided to do a post and let you know about the problems I'm having with Blogger.  I have been reading blogs and commenting, but the comments don't seem to go through.  I usually see a "sign in" notice at the top of any blog I am visiting, including my own, and when I click on it, it takes me directly to the page we go to when we want to start a new post or change something on our blog page, etc.  Even when I'm on someone else's blog!  And I don't have to sign in, I am already signed in.

But, when I want to comment on someone else's blog, and I type something in the comment field, it doesn't recognize me with my name in the bottom of the field - and that's when I don't think my comments are working.  Last week, there was one time when my name did appear in the comment field, but now I can't remember which blog it was, so if you did get a comment from me, please let me know.

I'm sorry that you haven't been receiving my comments and I don't know how to fix it.  Any advice will be appreciated.  I did leave some feedback to google, but I don't know if it will get to anyone,

Well, enough of that!  On so a few pictures.

This is a wall hanging that DH liked a lot.  I like it too.  I had made one to sell and decided to make another one for us.

A long time ago I shows pictures of some blocks that my Mom gave me.  The blocks were made by my Grandma sometime in the 30's, 40's or 50's.  I had planned to make them into a bed quilt, but I got to thinking about it and in talking to my sister, I decided to make a wall hanging or 2 out of them and offer to give the blocks, either as they are, or made into wall hangings, to any of my cousins who might want them.  I just finished one wall hanging using 2 of the blocks.  I plan to keep this one for myself.  It measures 22" x 40".  The next one I make will be a blue tulip and I'll put blue fabric on the corners to make a smaller wall hanging.

I recently realized that I don't have a patriotic, red-white-blue table runner of my own!  I have several other table runners, but I need one for the summer holidays.  So I started making some 6" sawtooth stars in civil war fabrics and I will probably alternate them with blue squares.  I might even make a r/w/b table topper for my dining table.  This is what I have so far and I plan to make some more red stars, but haven't decided how many.

Today is a day to remember the sacrifices made by so many so that we can have the life we have.  I am very thankful for our wonderful country and the many men and women who keep our country free (including my son and DIL).

Saturday, May 18, 2019


I finished the Amish doll family and was able to load the photo onto the computer.  I don't know why they quit going to the computer automatically.  

My DIL wanted a hat to wear to DGS's baseball games, so I told her I would make her one.  She had been looking for one when we were visiting them last month.  I got it done today and tried it on.  I'm wearing it outside on my patio and the sun is too bright for you to see the yellow side.  Here's a photo of both fabrics before I sewed them together.  Blue and yellow are her favorite colors.

It's reversible and I think the blue side will be the "main" side.  Both are batik fabrics.  It's such a beautiful day, so I sat outside on the patio drinking tea and reading a book on my tablet.

I hope your weekend is lovely too.  If it isn't, maybe you can stay inside and sew!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


I've been keeping busy making items to sell such as the snowball and sunflower table runners below.

I couldn't resist taking  this picture by my clamatis plant.  The sunflower table runner has 4 squares of sunflowers and is about 48" long.

Last year my sister asked me to sell some items for her on Ebay.  Two of the items are crocheted tablecloths that one of my Mom's friends crocheted for her and my sister didn't have any need for them,  I don't have a need for them either.  I procrastinated for about a year before I decided I better get busy and wash them as they each had a few stains.

My friend "Love" from has blogged about soaking vintage linens in her bath tub, so I got some advice from her (it's also on her blog I think) and put them in the tub to soak with BIZ (I didn't have the other kind).  I really was amazed at how much dirt came out of them and the stains really don't show any more.  You can see some staining in the one below, but after it hung in the sun most of the day I really couldn't see it any more.  Thanks, Love!

I'm also making a family of Amish dolls.  I had bought the panels for them years ago at a garage sale and thought I might have given them to a thrift shop, but lo and behold, I came across the panels while looking for some other fabrics!  So I decided I would try to get them made up and I am almost finished. The directions printed on the panel aren't the greatest, but I think they will be cute.

I'm having trouble getting pictures of the dolls to load on my computer, so I can't show them now.

I have a bag under my sewing table where I toss triangles from various projects.  Every once in a while I will take some time to match them up and square up into HSTs.

Bag full of triangles

These are the ones that I made last week with triangles from the bag.  These then go into bags marked with the various sizes.  If I ever need some HSTs, I always check the baggies of the size needed.  I used some of these for the quirky little quilt that I made and posted about here.

Yesterday we had a lovely rainy day - the first one since before Easter.