Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I finished quilting it yesterday and got all the threads trimmed off today.  I'm naming it "Baskets of Blue" which was suggested to me by Rebecca in AK.  Thanks, Rebecca!  I took a bunch of pictures, but only two of them turned out very good.  I'm not very good at "arranging" photos!  

I'm so happy to have this quilt finished (always feel this way when finishing a quilt).  It took 1 1/2 years from start to finish.  I plan to hang it in the living room of our new house.

I'm glad that I did a whole appliquéd quilt and now I feel that I don't need to avoid all appliqué.  I think someday I might want to do something like a Jan Patek quilt (I already have one of her wall hanging as a UFO).

Thanks for all the encouragement as I went through this process.

Last week I attended a quilters' guild meeting and the speaker was Rachel Greco, from Grandma's Attic Quilt Shop in Dallas, OR.  She presented a lecture concerning Isaac Singer and the Singer Sewing Machine Company.  Very interesting!  Rachel loves history and she makes it come alive.  I plan to visit the quilt shop soon to participate in a shop hop of 13 quilt shops around Oregon.  What better way to get to know the area?

Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm keeping on sewing in the camper.  Actually, while living in a camper, you don't have a lot of cleaning to do, no yard work, etc.  so there is more time to sew!  I have made a few little quilts that I plan to use on the back of our dining room chairs (6 of them).  I made this top using the left-over black fabric from my basket quilt and various shirtings.  I used only 2 squares from each shirting and a different one for the inner border.  I really love the black and wanted to use it in something else.  The squares finish at 1".

Here's another one that I showed you before and now it is quilted, but not bound.

I quilted a one sided feather in the border.  I love the hooked feathers and used them for this.  I used a dark grey thread that I am using for my basket quilt.

I'm quilting free motion hooked feathers for the basket quilt border without marking any lines.  First I go up on the right side, then sew a line back down to the bottom and then do the feathers going up on the left side.  I'm doing each side like that and I'm on the second side now.  I'm too lazy I guess to mark anything and since the scallops make it easy to make the feather spine curve, it works for me.

The dark grey thread doesn't really show up very well

Quilting from the back
I like to throw in a curly que feather every once in a while, or a fern looking one.  Sorry the pictures are kind of dark - It was early when I took them.

Soon I will be deciding on the name for my basket quilt.  I have received several good suggestions, so I'll pick one of them and let you know when I do.

Happy sewing this week!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I drove past our "new home" yesterday and took a picture of the sign of the housing development.  I took it with my cell phone while sitting in the truck across the street from the sign, so the picture isn't very clear.   Kind of a nice name for the area.

My work area in our 5th wheel camper isn't too big and I took a picture of my messy sewing table.  Stuff seems to get piled on the end of the table.  You can see my water bottle, some fabric, a pencil holder with some quilting tools in it, a hair band, bobbin and a vintage Tupperware sugar bowl.  I have 2 of the sugar bowls; one for our house and one for the camper.  But there isn't any sugar in this one.  As I was quilting my basket quilt and taking the pins out, I couldn't find a jar to put the pins in.  I spotted the empty sugar bowl and decided to use it instead.  The pins just fit through the opening.  And if it falls on the floor, they won't all spill out!

Here's a close-up of the sugar bowl.  Maybe you can see a few pins in it.

I'm getting the binding sewn on my basket quilt!  Then I need to quilt the border, put on a label and I'm done!!!!!

BTW, thanks for all the suggestions for a name for my basket quilt!  I think I'll use one of the names suggested, but haven't decided which one yet.  

Monday, July 14, 2014


I'm almost finished with the quilting on my basket quilt.  I need to think up a name for the quilt - any suggestions?

I did echo quilting in the medallion, quilted around each basket and did stippling in between the baskets and in the space that the handles surround.  I haven't decided yet how I will quilt the border, but I decided to do the binding next and I need to make it first.  It has to be bias binding because the edge will be scalloped.

Some close-up pictures….

Barb, at Fun with Barb, asked if anyone wanted to join in on a 9-patch swap and she had lots of response.  So, I am making 100 9-patches, 2 for everyone in the reproduction swap (which is closed, BTW).  I have over half of them made so far - they go pretty fast, especially with the new method.

She had a tutorial here on a new way to make 9-patches and I'm using that method to make them.  I really like it!  You can check it out and try it for yourself.

Have a great week and thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I'm still here living in our 5th wheel at my DS's house and we are progressing in the buying of the house.  Last week was the inspection and it passed that with flying colors!  This week an appraisal will be ordered and we go in to sign more papers with the mortgage company.  We are getting writers' cramp from signing so many papers!  But, we're getting excited and definitely looking forward to moving into a house and getting out of the camper!

In the mean time, I am keeping busy in-between the house business sewing and quilting (plus cooking).  I made another little quilt top and I'm almost finished quilting my basket quilt inner section around all the little baskets.  Also, I prepped a couple more Dear Jane blocks, but haven't had time to work on them any more.  I'm hoping to get the quilt finished before we move in so I can hang it up in our new living room!  I discovered during the inspection that there is plenty of wall space to hang quilts in the living room and bedrooms!!!

This is the 4-patch doll quilt that I made.  For some reason, I couldn't get the computer to straighten it, so it looks crooked.

We aren't enjoying the hot weather that we're having here in Oregon, but are thankful that we have air conditioning in our 5th wheel.  We're also happy that the house we're buying has A/C - a lot of the houses we looked at didn't have it.

We were expecting DS/DIL to return from Europe tomorrow, but found out they will arrive today instead!  Yea!!

I hope you are enjoying warmer weather, but hopefully not too hot!

Monday, June 30, 2014


Over the weekend we went to visit DH's brother and our DIL in central Oregon.  There was a parade and a rodeo, not to mention a quilt show!  On the way there we stopped in Sisters and I went into The Stitchin' Post.  Didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look around to see what they have.  I also didn't take any pictures in the quilt show.  Bad me.

The parade was on Saturday morning and we saw lots of Rodeo Princesses from different counties.

I didn't take any pictures at the rodeo - or I should say that the ones I took didn't turn out because we were in the last row of the stands, way up high.  But on the way home, we stopped to take a picture of Mount Washington.

Mount Washington
 Last week I was reading Kathie's blog (Inspired by Antique Quilts) and she asked if she had inspired anybody to make a postage stamp quilt.  I have a small basket overflowing with 1 1/2" strips and squares, so I got it out and decided to make some 4-patches.  I set them on point for either small doll quilts - or I might make them to hang on the back of some chairs.  Be sure to check out Kathie's June 24 post about the postage stamp quilt she is making.

What will I work on this week?  Maybe I'll make a couple more doll quilts or I could work on my Dear Jane blocks.  Wednesday is the inspection of the house we are buying.  I can't wait to see it again!

Friday, June 27, 2014


First, the good news!  We found a house, made an offer and it was accepted!!!  The bad news is that we can't move in until the middle of August because there are renters in the house and they have to get 30 days notice, so with some extra time thrown in there for what I don't know, we are supposed to close on August 14.  The house has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a one car garage and is a duplex, but is a very nice one and in a super nice neighborhood.  We are definitely downsizing, but we will make it work.  Luckily, we sold a lot of our furniture and stuff.

I couldn't believe how many closets it has.  Besides the normal closets in bedrooms, it has at least 4 (maybe 5) closets in the hallway.  One is a broom closet and the other 3 are linen-type closets.  One is already designated for quilting along with one of the bedrooms and it's regular closet which is quite large.  I'm determined to have a design wall this time - big enough for a large quilt.  I'll need it for the log cabin quilt for sure if I want to get those blocks sewn together correctly.  There is also a pantry in the kitchen!  The kitchen is about 1/4 the size of the kitchen in my old house, but then, it's way bigger than the kitchen in the camper, so it will seem big to me after living in the camper another 6 weeks.

So, until August 14, I will plan to do as much sewing with the fabric I have as I can.  We plan to take a trip to the coast too.

Here are a couple more Dear Jane blocks that I made.  I was happy that this first one wasn't as hard as it looked.  It really is pretty square - the sides kept sticking up when I took the picture.  The fabric I used for both of these blocks is from the "scrap bin" at Common Threads in Waxahachie, TX.  I love to go there and dig through the scraps to fill up a baggie for just $2.00!  Maybe I can go there when we go to pick up our furniture that's in storage and can get some more.  Do you think DH will let me?

 I'm getting better at paper piecing, but none of my blocks are "perfect."  And that's fine with me!  I'm glad to be getting them made!

Our son's house has 2 cherry trees, so my GS and I picked as many as we could - he did the tree climbing - and we made 2 cherry pies.  He pitted the cherries and I made the pie crust.  One pie went into the freezer for when DS/DIL return from Europe and one is half eaten.  Yummy!  That's the first time I ever made a cherry pie from fresh cherries!

If you look close you can see some cherries on the tree.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and has some time to do some sewing!

Saturday, June 21, 2014


I finished the required number of log cabin blocks (360) to make a queen size quilt - if my figuring is accurate!  I can't start putting it together yet, though, because most of the blocks are in storage.  I plan to lay it out in the barn raising pattern - anyway, I think that's what it is called.  I don't have any quilting books with me right now.  It starts out like this and continues like this.

After I finished the LC blocks, I spent some time quilting on my basket quilt.

Today I decided to work on Dear Jane.  I spent the morning prepping 6 blocks and picked out fabric for 3 of them.  Picking out the fabric is the hardest part of prepping.  And I don't have all my fabric with me either, of course.

 Both of these are paper pieced.

I think that will be all the sewing for me today.  I'll be fixing home made pizza for supper soon.  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I gave two of my recent quilt finishes since we came to Oregon.  Last night I gave the anniversary quilt to my DS and DIL for their 25th anniversary.  You can see the love birds kissing while wrapped in the quilt below.  This morning we took them to the airport for their anniversary trip to England, France and Scotland!  It's hard to believe they have been married that long!

As I had mentioned, our DGS just graduated from high school and will be going to college on an academic and music scholarship.  Below you can see him playing the piano.  He doesn't want his face to appear on my blog, so I'm showing you this view.

Here he is wrapped up in the quilt that I made for him.

We're still looking for a house…...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I've been working on my log cabin blocks this week and am almost finished with them.  I figured that I need 360 of them and by my last count, I am lacking 9 blocks.  It won't take long to get those finished.

Stack of almost 100 blocks.

Friday I stopped at a fund raising garage sale and saw these blocks - couldn't resist buying them.  I put them up for sale on my Etsy shop.

It doesn't look like we will get the house we made an offer on, so we have been looking at more houses.  There is a possibility in one of them, but we are still looking.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Well friends, I am about to reveal our plan to shock our kids (3 grown sons and their families).  We have talked about moving to Oregon for years and I frankly got tired of talking about it.  We finally decided to "just do it!"  We sold our house (closed on it May 20), had 2 sales to get rid of things, packed the rest, placed it into storage to retrieve when we find a house and left as planned on May 22.  It all took about a month, except for one garage sale that we had earlier, and it included a quick trip to Florida, to see Abby graduate from kindergarten.

For some strange reason (being ornery, maybe?) we decided not to tell our kids that we had sold the house until we arrived in Oregon.  We wanted to tell our oldest son and family when we were all together, so we had to wait a few days because our DIL was busy helping a friend of hers, but last night we shocked the daylights out of them when we told them that we had sold the house and were not going back to Texas!  Our DS kept saying, "What?", "What?" with his mouth hanging open.  Our 2 grandchildren  jumped up and down (at least one of them did), we all hugged, and DS couldn't believe it - as we had been talking about it for years and even had looked at houses on other trips.

Saturday was GS's high school graduation and Thursday night we went to an awards ceremony where it was announced that he is the class salutatorian!  His GPA was 3.89.  He got a stole (?) for being in the National Honor Society and 2 rope/tassel things to wear with his cap and gown.  He also got a medal for being the salutatorian and several certificates for excelling in different things.  We are very proud of him, to say the least!  I'm making potato salad for the celebration barbecue after the ceremony.

Here is what we will be living in while we look for a house:

Our 29 foot 5th wheel, except we are parked in DS's driveway (not in Gallup, NM as in the picture) and have unhooked it from the truck.  I'll take a picture after I rearrange it somewhat so I can set my Featherweight on a different table and leave it there so that anytime I want to sew it will be ready.  Between looking for a house, etc.  I've been working on my log cabin quilt in between other things and almost have enough blocks for a queen size quilt.  The blocks measure 5 1/4" unfinished with 1/2" finished logs made with all reproduction fabrics from stash.  This has been my travel project for a few years.  I decided to make it when I met with Beth in the Chicago area either 3 or 4 years ago and I saw this quilt in a quilt shop that she took me to.

OK, here are a couple pictures of how I arranged the sewing area.  As you enter the door of the 5th wheel, the table is right in front of you with my Janome sewing machine on it.  I decided that since I had it with me, I might as well use it.  I've been doing a little quilting on my basket quilt.  There are some boxes beyond the table containing some of our household goods.

This view shows it a little better.  Do you see the American flag to the left?  Love gave that to me.  Now, I can leave my sewing machine set up and not have to move it every time we eat.  We usually eat breakfast and lunch in the camper and then eat supper with our son's family.

Here's a picture of their house, which was built around 1882.  You can't see our camper parked in the drive way because it's behind the house.

We've been looking at houses and may have found one to buy, but will wait until we know for sure.  We can't believe we are actually here to stay!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014


Caution!  No quilty pictures in this post!

On Friday we went to Yosemite National Park, wore ourselves out hiking and took lots of pictures, of which these are just a few!  It was a beautiful and perfect day for these activities.  It took 1 1/2 hours to get from where we were camping in Oakhurst, CA through the winding roads and gorgeous scenery to the Yosemite Valley.

Our first stop, before we even got to the Valley was Bridal Veil Falls.

Cliff near Bridal Veil Falls
 Of course, the pictures don't do justice to the amazing sites.  The water falls look like tiny drips in the photos, when in fact they are hundreds of feet high and you can hear the water thundering over the cliff before you can see it.
Bridal Veil Falls
We hiked to the  lower Yosemite Falls and took this picture which shows both the upper and lower falls from the trail.
Yosemite Falls
 The picture of El Capitan was taken from the look out area as you enter the Yosemite Valley.  What a site!

El Capitan
On the way to the Mariposa Grove, where the sequoia trees are, we saw some deer.

Deer near the Grizzly Giant
The Grizzly Giant is the largest and oldest tree in the Mariposa Grove.  The hike to see it was up hill on gravel, not as nice a trail as to the water falls, but we made it!

Grizzly Giant, the largest sequoia tree in the park

The Grizzly Giant and me

We ate lunch outside a deli and when I was eating a cookie, I was looking away at something and all of a sudden a squirrel jumped up on the table and licked my cookie!  I yelled and pounded on the table and he ran away.  The nerve!  I had to throw the rest of that cookie away, but luckily, I had another one.

On our way north, we drove on a road that didn't look very winding on the map, but in reality, it was not a road we would have gone on if we had known better!  It went up over a mountain with lots of switchbacks and curves with no guard rails.  The road looked new, but maybe that is because it isn't very well travelled.  We didn't see any other cars or trucks for a long time and no ranches or homes either.  We were really out in the boonies.  But, the road was good and DH is an experienced trucker with over a million miles under his belt, so he handled it very well.  We were both glad when we got to the freeway!!

We're now in Oregon and will get to our destination, DS's home, tomorrow!  BTW, I have done some sewing along the way, even some hand stitching!

Happy stitching and traveling to you!