Tuesday, June 30, 2015


 I bought these blue triangles at a garage sale for $1.00 back when I lived in Texas and decided to finally get them sewn up.  There was some white fabric with them, but not enough, so I found some other white on white to finish them.

There are about 60 HSTs in this batch.  I'm sure I will find a way to use them one of these days!

A friend of mine gave me a ticket to the garden club tour of 5 beautiful yards.  I went on Sunday and took a few pictures.  Remember, these are pictures of garden club members - not my yard.  These 3 pictures were taken with my cell phone, so they aren't real sharp.

These poppies are huge!

Beautiful hydrangea bush!

Fairy garden

OK - here is a picture of a tiny section of my flower garden.  The Calla Lily just came up while we were away and now has one little flower!  Woo Hoo!

Little by little, I'm getting my yard in shape.  When we moved in, it didn't have a lot of things in it except some huge, ugly bushes.  I dug 2 of them out and I've been putting in flowers as I come across things I like.  

Saturday, June 27, 2015


The reason the week has seemed extra long is because I have been working on the garage sale fund raiser at my church - it raises funds for the women's ministry.  First it was taking in all the donations, then pricing and arranging and then yesterday was the first day (very successful).  Today is the final day.  We are all very tired!

I finished quilting this baby quilt earlier this week.  The blocks are from my guild in Texas.  Before I moved, I had signed up for a "block of the month" where each month you make an assigned block.  Then you turn it in.  There are 12 people in each group and at the end of the year you have 12 sets of blocks with different themes.  Then you draw and everyone gets one set.  Since we moved in the middle of the year, I mailed mine in for June through December and my name drew the baby blocks.  I think they turned out very cute.

I wasn't sure how I was going to quilt it and after quilting one block (top right) I decided I didn't like that quilting, so I changed it to the lines.  I didn't mark anything, except the 2 lines in the rectangles that form a "V" and I marked that with a hepa marker.  The top right block might just stay the way it is, but I am thinking about taking out the quilting and making it like the rest.

This is the end of my cow fabric.  I had bought it at a garage sale and used it to back several  baby quilts.

I think it might take me another week to recuperate from the garage sale!  I'll be happy to get back to having more time to sew.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


This morning I finished piecing my log cabin quilt top!  The inspiration for this quilt was my visit to a quilt shop Barrington, IL with Beth.  Here's my post about that visit.  Scroll down about half way to see the quilt in their shop.  I'm not sure exactly when I started it, but it may have been later in that year - 2011.  I worked on these blocks a lot while we traveled with our 5th wheel.

Here it is kind of spread out on our patio table & chairs.

It measures about 85" x 95".

I will get some batting and hope to get it basted soon along with another queen size quilt to I can get busy quilting both of them.  I'm starting to see some progress with my UFOs!!!

Happy quilting!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Need any matches?  I just emptied two of these boxes of matches so I could make fairy beds.  Yes,  I said fairy beds.  Warning:  no quilty pictures in this post.

Here's the story.  My 6 year old granddaughter, Abby, has a fairy house that DS helped her make.  The problem is, there aren't any fairies living in it.  While visiting them, I just happened to see a youtube video on how to make fairies and told my DIL that I might make them.  In fact I looked for the supplies while I was there, but didn't find them.

These are the fairy dolls I made for Abby.

Next, I made a tiny mattress and pillow for each "bed."  They had to be rather flat or the "bed" wouldn't close.  My oldest GD helped me by covering the inside of the bed as well as the outside with pretty paper and gluing the buttons on.

Here's the outside of the match boxes covered with pretty paper and decorated with buttons (from my vast collection).

The fairy just fits in the match box bed.

Here are both of them in their "beds."  I hope Abby likes them.

Yesterday I finally got back to getting my log cabin quilt put together.  I want to get it finished!  

Thursday, June 11, 2015


We are home from our trip now!  We were gone a little longer than we had planned, but had a wonderful visit with sons, DILs and grandkids.  We helped one GS celebrate his birthday.  My DIL is an expert at decorating cupcakes.  He wanted ninja cupcakes and you can see them below.

For his birthday, my 7 year old GS got to pick what he wanted for supper.  The picture is below:  Rice, Salmon and grapes.

I took better pictures of my DJ blocks after I pressed and trimmed them.







I had prepared some easy appliqué for the trip, so now that I am home,  I better get going on some of the PP blocks.

When I participated in Julie's Binding Blitz for the end of May, I was selected as the winner for that month (random drawing).  She sent me these FQs, 2 half yard pieces  and I think the polka dot is a fat 8th.  These are wonderful and are fabrics that I don't have (except I used to have the polka dot).  Thanks so much, Julie!

It's SOOOOO good to be home again!  Our bed always feels so great after a trip - I think we could do commercials for Temperpedic.  Now I just have to get everything put away so I can start using my sewing machine more.  I really missed it while I was gone.  

Saturday, June 6, 2015


We're in Florida right now and have been enjoying our time with GD Abby.  She even got me in the swimming pool a few times.

She likes to play with her dolls who like her tea parties.

We picked blueberries and then made BB pancakes, BB muffins (put in freezer) and BB cobbler.

I managed to get a few more DJ blocks stitched.  BTW, they are on top of a quilt I made several years ago for DS#2 and DIL.  I have 2 more DJ blocks left to do and then all the blocks I prepped for the trip will be finished.

We will have one more stop on our trip of family visits and I am looking forward to getting home.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


In case anyone was wondering where we are, last Wednesday we left on a trip to the east coast and since we travel by stand-by, we ended up spending the night at the airport before we could catch the final leg of our rip.  That wasn't fun, but we survived!

I prepared some projects to work on during our travel to 3 different locations.  Recently I have been doing some knitting and learning to knit socks.  I finished the first one and plan to start the next one any day now.  It involved a lot of ripping out of stitches as well as catching slipped stitches, but I got it done.  The motto "finished is better than perfect" definitely applies here.  Hopefully, the second sock will be easier!

I prepped some DJ blocks that could easily be done on a trip by hand - in other words, appliqué.  I have  completed the appliqué on 4 blocks and I think I have 4 more ready to go.  As you can see, these blocks aren't trimmed yet.  I have been wanting to get back to these for a while.

These pictures are from my cell phone, so aren't the best.  We forgot the cord to download pictures from our camera, so I'm sure I will have some of those to show you when we get back.

The main purpose of the trip is to visit family, including grandchildren.  So far we have experienced a birthday, museum visit and tonight there's a swim class before a little league baseball game!

It's great fun, but also reminds us of how old we are getting!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Saturday I went to a special event at Aurora Colony in Aurora, OR.  A friend of mine had bought a ticket for this event and then was unable to go, so she gave it to me.  It was a special day with Emma, who was a pioneer arriving in Oregon in 1853.  Jane Kirkpatrick, author of the Change and Cherish Historical Series about Emma was there for a book signing, tour of the colony and speech about her books.  Besides the Change and Cherish series, Jane has written numerous other historical novels and I have enjoyed reading some of them.  I plan to read all her books and do recommend them to you.  Here is her web site.

Emma Wagner Giesy House
 I also had some time to visit a few of the many antique shops in Aurora.

Quilt in antique shop
 The old Aurora Depot is now an antique shop.

Train Depot built in the 1800s

Another quilt in a different antique shop

 It was wonderful to spend time with one of my sons and my oldest GD on Mother's Day (and of course DH).  It was the first Mother's Day in several years that I have actually been with one of my sons.  He took us out to eat at the McMinneman Hotel in McMinnville, OR and we ate in the restaurant the roof of the hotel.  It was cloudy, but very pleasant.

View from the roof of the hotel.
I have finally gotten back to working on my DJ quilt!  As I was getting some blocks prepped, I noticed this super easy one and decided to make it right away.  I also came across the perfect fabric for it.  I have 7 other blocks prepped for hand appliqué.

I have a little over 30 blocks finished and 6 triangles pieced.

My garden is in and is happy after a couple rainy days!  Happy quilting and gardening! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Sunday a friend at church gave out some poenies during our Sunday School class.  Look how they opened up!

A few years ago when we were in New Hampshire I purchased a charm pack of 8" pieces of fabric.  I decided to use those along with other fabrics to make a table cloth for our patio table.  I used 36 different 8" pieces of fabric, mostly in blues and browns, but I decided to throw in a few "western" pieces.

Also this piece with the Texas flag on it.  :-)  I thought it was an appropriate remembrance for 30 years lived in that state.  I quilted each square differently.  I don't think the quilting shows up very well, so I'll take a better picture of it on the table for my next post.

We are painting our fence.  The left side is how it looks now.  The right side is before painting.

Another view.  Not too much fun.  We have a long fence, but little by little it will get done.

Happy Mother's Day!