Saturday, April 14, 2018


I didn't mention that we were going to Minnesota, but we drove here to attend our grandson's senior organ recital.  No problem getting here, but after arriving, the weather turned!  It is blizzard conditions and last night when we were picking our son up at the airport, we saw at least 6 cars in the ditch.

But on a more positive note, yesterday morning we were looking for a car wash (long story short) because we got the car very muddy looking for my relatives farm, and we saw a quilt shop.  So, we stopped to ask someone if there was one in town.  It turns out they were very helpful - as they always are in quilt shops!! 

The shop is CALICO HUTCH, in Hayward, MN and believe me, this shop is amazing!  I asked if I could take some pictures, so here they are:

This room was way in the back!

A whole room just for wool!

It's way bigger than it looks!!
I just bought a couple items because I didn't have much time to look around as we had to get back on the road.  If you are near Hayward, MN or ever visit that area, be sure to stop in.  It's worth it!  Even if you just need directions!

Sunday, April 8, 2018


 Yesterday I was a vendor at Farm Fest which took place at the Yamhill County Historical Museum in my town - just about 2 miles from my home.  It was the 52nd consecutive plowing competition and the only plowing competition on the west coast.  I had never heard of such a thing until we moved here!

I was very impressed and amazed with all the horses and mules that were here.  It was a very windy and rainy day, but lots of people came anyway!  It is a pretty big deal around here.

Here is a picture of the Scrappy Star quilt that I made - all quilted and bound.  It was a beautiful day when I took this photo!!

Here's the back view with the sun shining through from the front.

Happy quilting, everyone!