Sunday, June 10, 2018


Yesterday I went to an estate sale,  saw this quilt top and decided to buy it!  It is hand pieced with teeny tiny stitches!

Here's a close-up so you can see the fabric better.

 I decided I needed to get busy on some UFOs and picked this one as all the blocks have been finished for a while.  I am almost finished putting it together.  The pattern is American Crossroads and it was published in Quilt Sampler fall/winter edition in 2005.

I needed a new pot holder "handle" for my cast iron frying pan and decided to make several to sell as well.  I'm keeping 2 for myself.  The green ones are broccoli fabric and then there is corn fabric and chicken fabric.  They are a necessity if you cook with cast iron!

We are getting some much needed rain here.  Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. What a beautiful find at the estate sale. Do you have plans how to finish it yet? The Crossroads quilt is looking great and, despite the many blocks, should be a fairly quick finish since they're all made! And the little potholders are cute. What a good idea to make extras for the next craft sale.

  2. I love your American Crossroads top, looks like a wonderful scrap-user. Great find at the estate sale, should be fun to quilt with all those plain alternate blocks. Those little castiron potholders are a perfect reminderthat the handle stays HOT for a long time!

  3. The pot handles holders are a great idea!! I love it!
    I made American Crossroads as a table topper and adore it! I love yours!!
    What a sweet bright quilt.

  4. great treasure hunting!
    great pot holder handles - clever.
    great American Crossroads quilt. Neat pattern.

  5. I love your colors in Crossroads, it will be a fantastic finish for this year! and that estate find, yeah for you. Finishing that piece will honor the piecer that went before us!

  6. Great estate sale find, Ruth!
    We just got home from Oregon, and I thought about trying to contact you to see if we could meet up, but our car had to be hauled in for some work the day before we were returning home. That meant we got away half a day later than expected, and didn't have time for side trips.
    Maybe one day!
    Really like your UFO--controlled scrappy is always a winner with me. :)
    Clever handle covers--and cute fabrics.