Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Two grandsons will be receiving quilts for Christmas - both of them are from Bonnie Hunter's design or free pattern and are made mostly with men's shirts;  Virginia Bound and Majestic Mountains.  They are ready to go!

 I put each quilt in a Christmas pillowcase.

Here's a peek inside the pillowcases.  You can see pictures of the quilt on the left here.  Pictures of the quilt on the right (top) are here.

Since I have finished some quilts recently, I thought I would start a scrap quilt and start using up some left-over fabric.  The first one is this sawtooth star pattern that uses 5" charm pack pieces.  I had a lot of those left over from other projects and cut some more from scraps.  I used the pattern from Moda that I found here.  Each block measures 13 1/2' square.  So far I have 11 blocks finished and several more ready to sew.

I also wanted to try another scrap quilt pattern that I found here.  The corner block is 3 1/2" square and I am using left-overs from the Majestic Mountain quilt backing.  The blocks measure 6 1/2" square.

Here's a couple Christmas decorations that I put up.  This was a block of the month (BOM) from several years ago designed by Gail Pan and I finished it in 2012.

I made this cross stitch ornament many years ago and it has been hanging up in the hall since last year!  It's one of my favorite projects.

This tree next door has been hanging on to it's leaves, but they are now starting to fall,  So gorgeous!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. What a wonderful post. Love the gifting of two special quilts and then making some Christmas Pillowcases to place them in. I just recently worked on a sawtooth star pattern quilt and hope to share that soon. Love how the design works out. Looks like you are keeping busy using up all those scraps. I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorations too. The lovely quilt and the cross stitch project. Your neighbors tree is gorgeous; love all that pretty color. Hope you have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Putting the quilts into pillowcases is a great idea, two gifts in one! I'm sure the boys will love them. The star blocks are so scrappy, very pretty. I love a nice scrappy quilt. The blocks for the second scrappy quilt are wonderful, too. A great way to use leftovers and get a nice quilt. I think I have the Gail Pan pattern saved somewhere, I really like it and yours is beautiful. It is perfect for the season. The little bird done in cross stitch is adorable. It is so sweet for Christmas. Your neighbors tree is stunning, such beautiful color for fall. Ruth, enjoy your Thanksgiving, too!

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Some fun gifts for the grandsons. And your scrappy starts look like they will be fun to make.

  4. Your grandsons are going to love those cute quilts and pillowcases! Your scrappy blocks are looking great, and will make nice quilts too. I won't be doing any quilting until after Christmas except the Blockheads blocks. That tree is absolutely beautiful! My was gold until the windstorm last Saturday took all the leaves to the neighbor behind me; not enough to even rake. I'm sure my son will mulch again what little more comes down by next week. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. ---"Love"

  5. So many wonderful projects. Thank you for sharing the links. Wishing you and your family the Happiest of Thanksgivings. Hugs

  6. i love your gail pan piece..i did one too! such lovely little patterns...and oh that tree....autumn splendor indeed!

  7. quilts are such a wonderful Christmas gift and I love that you put them in pillowcases. great idea and presentation.
    looks like fun scrap projects too.
    Lovely red leaves - Hope you had a nice thanksgiving.

  8. What a marvellous gift for the boys. That Star scrap quilt caught my eye too. Seeing your blocks look so good is inspiring. How good is the pattern created in the other scrap blocks?! Lovely Christmas display Ruth. I'm looking forward to decorating this year.

  9. Do you have to mail the quilts? Or will they be coming to visit? I'm sure they'll love them!
    I like what you are doing with your scraps.
    I'll start putting up a few Christmas decorations soon.

  10. Pillowcases make a wonderful quilt gift bag. Your grandsons will have a very special gift. Love the scrappy stars also.