Sunday, November 12, 2017


Last year, when my 7 year old granddaughter was here for Christmas, she liked my moose that I use for decoration during the Christmas season.  So, when I saw the exact same panel at a garage sale for 
$1.00 I had to get it!  Here she is all finished.  I know she is a girl moose with a dress on and it isn't my fault that she has antlers (when only boy moose are supposed to have them) as they were printed on the panel, I do love her anyway.  

Here's a side view.

Here is the finished Majestic Mountains quilt that I made for my youngest grandson.  He and his brother will both receive a quilt this Christmas.

I got the backing fabric at an estate sale and it was the perfect amount for this quilt.  I really didn't know if I would like the quilt once it was finished, but I do!  I still have a bin full of men's shirts though.  It seems like I didn't use any at all.

Here are 2 of the Block 36 for the Mode Block Heads block of the week.  I still haven't made the second one of Block 35.  I'm afraid I'm petering out somewhat.  

Stay warm this weekend!  Good time to keep on quilting.


  1. The moose doll is so cute! The quilt will be loved by your grandson and it's very masculine. Perfect for a guy.

  2. I think the moose is adorable! She is so cute. The quilt for your grandson is perfect for a guy. I love all the plaids in the shirts, such good variety. The Moda blocks are looking great, too. There are a lot of them so I can understand getting a little burned out. They will make a beautiful quilt!

  3. Oh how sweet is that moose doll and your granddaughter will be sooo pleased with it--as will those grandson's with those quilts--
    enjoy the moments, di

  4. Congratulations on these wonderful finish. I love the quilting pattern used on Majestic Mountains. Love the moose too. So cute! Lady moose doesn't have antlers because instead of using up her energy to grow antlers, she uses it for growing a baby moose. :^) But yours is still adorable. Enjoy! ;^)

  5. Love the moose! This is the second version of Majestic Mountains I've seen in the past few days, and I'm smitten with this block design. May have to drag out the tote of batiks after the holidays and start one for us! Your grandson is going to love it!

  6. Would we recognize that she was a moose if she didn't have those antlers? She is very cute, even if her gender is a bit mixed up. :)
    Your grandson's quilt is wonderful! I love it in the plaids!!
    You lasted a whole lot longer than I did on the Blockheads SAL. I petered out before I got the first block made. LOL

  7. The quilt and moose are great! It is most definitely a girl moose, horns or not!

  8. Your girl moose is adorable! Majestic Mountains has turned out well - I like the quilting pattern and backing fabric. Lucky lads indeed.