Wednesday, August 19, 2015


This is my "high-tech" system of picking the winners of the giveaway.  Sorry I didn't announce them sooner, but they were notified on Monday.  

1.   print out all the comments.
2.  fold and place in basket.

3.  Select winners.

OK, here they are:

First prize (receives thread catcher, 4 fat quarters and the felt ornament pattern):  Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Quilt Projects.  Your package is in the mail!

Second prize (receives Baskets for You pattern):  Gloria (no blog).  Your package will be mailed this week.

Third prize (receives Over the River and Through the Woods pattern):  "Love" from I Just Love Quilts.

I hope you will visit Elizabeth's and Love's blogs - they have some wonderful projects on them.

Thanks so much for everyone who entered my giveaway and for your sweet comments!  I had a couple requests for the thread catcher pattern, so I am including the link to the pattern here.  The only change I made was to make the pincushion a little larger (I don't remember the exact measurement I made it, but I think enlarged it maybe about an inch).  I also filled the pincushion with ground up walnut shells, which are available at a pet supply store.  One bag of the ground up shells will last a long time unless you share it with someone.


  1. I still cannot believe I'm a winner! First time ever for me, on anything, --- anytime, anywhere! I've always loved your "Over the River and Through the Woods" quilt, and I'm looking forward to making one for myself. Thanks so very much! I'm watching for the mailman everyday now. ---"Love"

  2. Thank you, Ruth, I love EACH of the items in my prize box.
    Thank you for inspiration and ALL that you share.
    Happy Blogging, Quilting and Crafting!