Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Years ago my MIL made jewel Christmas trees from her jewelry and some little Christmas lights.  We hung it up every year and then the lights burned out.  We finally got it fixed and are able to hang it up again. 

This wall hanging is in my sewing room.  I got the little Christmas tree at a garage sale for $1.00.  Some small ornaments and scraps of cloth tied on branches for color and it's done.

This wall hanging is a panel that I hand quilted back in 2006.  It is at the entrance to my sewing room.

We don't have a fireplace any more to hang our stockings on, so DH hung them on the quilt rack!  

At first I didn't set up my nativity scene because I didn't think I had room for it, but I shifted things around a little and made room.

Our new bookcase is a great place to put decorations - even on top!

Several years ago we switched to a smaller tree, but I still fit a lot of ornaments on it.  Oh oh, Mrs. Moose fell over under the tree.

That's better.  I made her out of a panel several years ago.  I'm partial to moose.

My new snowman is hiding under the flowers next to the mini doll carriage.

Here's a newly wed Mr. & Mrs. Snowman.  She even has a lace veil.  Guess where I got them?

My DGD has been over to do some sewing with me the last few days.  It is fun to see her making gifts for her friends.  I do help her from time to time.  She gave me this tin that she decorated for me.  I guess she knows me pretty well!

I hope you show your Christmas decorations when you get them up.  I love to see them!


  1. Your halls seem very nicely decked for the season! I've swapped quilts, putting away the fall ones and pulling out red and green ones, but the rest of our decorating usually waits until mid-December.

  2. Looks like you had a good time decorating in your new space. You have some great decorations!
    Don't know if I will show my decor this year. Nothing much has changed since last year when I shared it. : )

  3. Wow, I love all of your decorations. They are lovely and fun to look at. It is nice to have things from Christmas Past, and to bring new things into the collections. Great idea for hanging the stockings! Your Nativity is very nice. I love all the different quilts, big and small. Love the moose and snow people. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Can't believe you are all decorated. Looks wonderful.

  5. How fun to be decorating in your new home! It looks great!!

  6. thanks for the tour of your festive home!~
    I too have a jewerly tree picture

  7. Your decorations look so pretty and festive. Your DGD does indeed know you well...such a cute project.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. My mother made several of the jewelry Christmas trees years ago. I haven't had mine out for a long time. Now I'm thinking maybe I should look for it and give it another 'showing'!! I always loved it. I've not done much decorating yet; just a little. You're way ahead of me!!! (grin) Your house looks very festive with all your beautiful things.

  9. Fun to see your festive decor and quilted holiday treasures.

    LOL Love that slogan in the last shot!

  10. It is certainly looking like Christmas at your house! Lots of great decorations! I stopped decorating for Christmas a few years ago.

  11. The jeweled piece made by your mother-in-law is beautiful. A treasure to be passed on in your family.

  12. Your new home is beautiful with all your decorations! I love them all! Every year my friends bring in more small items, and of course, I have to buy some new ones and also make some every year! Next year when friends arrive with more, I'm not going to let them in my house for the parties! I'm out of room! (But I do love them all, as you know!) ---"Love"