Friday, December 12, 2014


Here's my design wall with some blocks from Bonnie Hunter's pattern, Bow-Dacious.  I have put the scraps away for now so I can work on some Christmas projects.  

Here is one of the blocks that I sewed together wrong.  I might leave it this way!

I just finished these "play" cookies for my 5 year old DGD, Abby.  I play "dolls" with her and last time we were there in November, she couldn't find any play food to feed the dolls.

This is my favorite one.  They are made from felted wool and beads.

Here's the cookie tin I got for her to keep the cookies in (hopefully).

They fit in the tin nicely,

This is the pattern that gave me the idea for them - but I'm sure you could make up your own and wouldn't really need a pattern.

We have some extended family that will be here for Christmas.  One is a nephew in the National Guard, so I made him a military pillowcase out of this fabric.

Another is a student at Oregon State, so he gets a pillowcase out of this fabric.

These pillowcases are finished.

There wasn't much military fabric available in town so I found some US Navy fabric on line - hope she has enough of it for me.

Yesterday I made 2 batches of cookies and I have another one planned for today.  Have fun getting ready for Christmas!


  1. Love your scrappy Bow-dacious blocks! But those cookies are adorable! And a little cookie tin for them. Your granddaughter will love them! The pillow cases are great gifts!

  2. I must be so very dense, but I cannot figure out what's "wrong" with the Bow-dacious block? Everything looks symmetrical to me. Your "play cookies" are inspired, good work!

  3. Oh wait! Now I see what you meant; the blocks must make an "X", not an "O" as a block. sheesh, it took me forever, LOL!

  4. Looks like you are having fun getting ready for the holidays.

  5. The bow quilt is so awesome. Such a lovely bunch of fabrics.
    I love the play cookies. What a great idea, complete with a tin to keep the cookies in.
    Happy holiday sewing.

  6. Nice variety of projects!
    Were yesterday's batches of cookies made from dough or wool? : )

  7. what cute cookies. do kids still play with felt boards? My daughter loved hers.
    great pillowcase too.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. p.s. I love bow tie patterns - yours looks great

  9. Your bowties are so cute. I read a blog post recently about doing these blocks, hadn't ever heard of them. Looks really good. Glad you are having fun :).

  10. I love your play cookies. Wish I had a 5-year old granddaughter so I could make some. My granddaughters are both 20 year-old co-eds so we're definitely out of the 'doll stage'.
    The mouse cookies you made are very cute, but I'd never have the patience to make them. You are fearless!!! :-)

  11. I love the "cookies", and the bow ties too! Your brain and hands must be working all the time! You're always coming up with something cute. ---"Love"