Sunday, August 24, 2014


No quilting going on here, unfortunately.  We have been working on the house daily.  The painting is finished and we are unpacking boxes, so everything is a mess.  As I unpack, when I'm not sure where I'm going to put things, I just put them on a shelf in a closet or cupboard for now.  There are 3 "linen" closets in the hallway and one of these will be devoted to sewing supplies.  Of the other two, one will be mostly linens (if not all of it) and the other one will be shelves possibly dedicated to large kitchen items that aren't used very often, mailing supplies for my Etsy business, games & puzzles, etc.

I found a dresser at a garage sale that I'm going to fix up as an ironing station in my sewing room.  It has 9 drawers.  I got some good ideas from a friend in Texas from her sewing room.  I would love a large armoire where I could display quilts, so I will keep my eye out for that.  I also might want to get a larger bookcase.

I like to take walks in the mornings and this is what I saw at one house.  McMinnville, OR is right in the middle of wine growing country, so there are vineyards all around the town, as well as wine tasting rooms.  We are not "into" the wine scene, so I don't really know anything about it.  But the vineyards are pretty.

Our next door neighbor has a grape vine with the cutest little green grapes and she said we could help ourselves to it.  The funny thing is, she moved here from Texas (not far from where we lived) about the same time we did!  I was talking to her on Saturday, and mentioned that I was a quilter.  Her eyes lit up and she said she has always wanted to learn to quilt!  So, once we get settled, we will see what we can do about that.

When we were eating lunch 2 small deer walked past our window!  Our neighbor said they like to eat her roses.

I'm hoping to start sleeping in our house soon, now that the paint is dry and our bed is set up.  I spread out a few quilts on the bed to try to get the fold lines out of them.  I will take a few pictures soon as we make progress.  Oh!  Both bathrooms are cleaned now and the shower in the master bath has been tested.  I love it!  It's way more roomy than the one at our old house.

Today the church where our GS plays the organ is having a going away party for him after the service. He leaves for college in Minnesota on Thursday!  :-(


  1. I'm glad to hear that you're starting to get settled into your new home and hope that you'll be staying there very soon.

    The grapes are just beautiful... I'll bet they would make yummy jam!

    And a neighbor who wants to quilt? Sounds like you've picked the perfect location!!!


  2. Sounds like you are settling in well, How interesting that your neighbor migrated from a similar area about the same time. Won't that be fun to help her into quilting. Does that make you an enabler? : )

  3. Sound like you are making great progress on the new house. And a great new neighbor. It is always fun to have a quilting buddy.
    I look forward to seeing some pics of your new place.
    Hope you will be living in the house really soon.

  4. That photo looks like quilt inspiration! I'm glad to hear the house is coming along and hope you get to sleep in your own (real house) bed soon. Too bad about the timing that your grandson is leaving so soon, but you'll be there when he comes home for holiday breaks, right?

  5. You are certainly making good progress getting settled in your new home. It probably seems like it is taking forever to you though! It sounds like you have s very nice neighbor!

  6. Glad for the update, how fun that you have a new neighbor with so much in common. Can't wait for some pics.

  7. The picture of the grapes looks like some pretty cool colors for a quilt! Glad to hear the unpacking is progressing and you have met a neighbor. What fun you will have teaching her about quilting! Enjoy your new home, can't wait to see some pictures.

  8. What's that old song? "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You"??? Seems like they followed you there! *giggle* Wish I had some of those grapes! I know you'll be so glad to get everything in place so you can teach that new friend to quilt! She will have a great teacher ---"Love"

  9. Such excitement! It sounds like all is rolling right along. I hope it is ready to sleep in soon!

  10. good luck settling in - it will be Home Sweet Home before you know it!
    those grape bunches are so pretty are they sweet? are they for wine or jam, lol

  11. I think you have already made a friend. I am curious as to why you chose to leave a warm climate for a much cooler one.

  12. A fun, new adventure for you! Good luck settling in.