Monday, September 8, 2014


As of August 28, the day our grandson left for college, we started sleeping in our new home!  We still have a long way to go to get all settled, but today we got internet connections!!  Now I can blog again!  On Friday we were connected with DirectTV so we can watch TV too!  Things are shaping up.

One afternoon, we were sitting near the front windows and some deer walked by.  You can barely see the fawn at the bottom of the first picture.  He was right next to the house in the "flower" bed.  You can see some little pink flowers.  That's all that we have in front because of the deer.

Here he is walking toward the street.

A picture with our truck in the driveway.  He's so cute!

I really can't show many pictures of the inside of our house yet, because there are still lots of boxes to unpack, but I will show you a few things.  Below is a picture of one of our dining room chairs.  I had an idea to make a little quilt to hang on the back and I think I mentioned it in one of my posts.

Here is how the chair looks with a little quilt on the back.

I sewed a brown hair band onto the quilt to use as a hanger.

Here's another one.  Sorry the picture is dark.  I ran out of brown hair bands, so will have to wait until I get more to finish putting them all on the chairs.

Our guest bathroom is almost finished.  I made a shower curtain cover and the decor is "patriotic."  

 Two little quilts hang above the towels.

On top of the brown cabinet (medicine chest) you can see a George Washington mug and an old brown box.  I still need to find something to put in the box.  On the counter is another old box with a flag painted on it and red and blue towels rolled up inside.  On the top of the toilet tank is a little quilt with stars and some red, white and blue tin containers.

Our bedroom window has new curtains made from a large panel that I purchased at Good Will.  It's just simple panels pulled back with tassels.

By the front window I have an old green shelf with some books and on top is a doll I made.  The cheddar cheese and crackers quilt (a SAL with Lori) hangs on another chair (from a garage sale), and a table with a book shelf under the top was my grandmother's.  I love the doily and oil lamp on top (both from garage sales).

A closer look at the doily and lamp as well as a reproduced book like one we had as children.

I don't dare show you pictures of the rest of the house yet!  There aren't any other quilts on the walls yet and things are still a mess.  I can't promise that I won't re-arrange things in these pictures, but I like having at least a few areas that I can enjoy looking at!

As I think most of you know, I enjoy looking for bargains and I have found some good ones lately, including a computer desk ($20).  I have it situated so that my computer and a small TV are within viewing distance while I'm sitting at my sewing machine!  I also got a really nice coffee table for $20 at a garage sale.

I'm still looking for a cabinet to display quilts in my sewing "studio!"  Little by little!  A couple days ago I started doing some sewing again.  I can't wait to get my design wall put up!  Maybe this week.....


  1. You have everything looking great so far! I know you'll be glad to get everything unpacked and in place. Just take your time so you have to do it only once! I love those little quilts on your chairs. If I have time, I may have to try that with Christmas fabrics for my parties. (Yes, I'm already beginning to think Christmas! *wink* And...I'm already tired! ---"Love"

  2. Wonderful post, Ruth! Little by little you will find a special spot for all your treasures... and it looks as though you have a great start!


  3. It's looking great! Even that cute little fawn munching in your front yard. We up to our ears in moving boxes, only 3 more days til the movers haul it all away and we leave the next day. You're finding some wonderful yard sale bargains!

  4. You are putting a lot of heart into your home. It all looks lovely so far. Strength to you, m'dear!

  5. How exciting to see you getting settled! Love your cute touches and the small quilt on the chair is a splendid idea!!

  6. Moving is hard work, but I think the creative outlet in decorating is uplifting. It's lookin' good! And thanks for the hair band tip. I'm putting those on my shopping list pronto.

  7. Your chair back quilt idea is so clever. Love it! Wish my dining chairs had something that the quilts could be attached to.
    Would be fun to go bargain hunting with you. Sounds like you have found some great deals!
    You have nice decorating ideas. Why have I not thought to put any little quilts in my bathroom?
    Cute little Bambi visitor, but kind of hard on the garden. : )

  8. Its starting to really look like home! nice!
    what a sweet fawn

  9. So glad you are settling in. The minis look great on the chairs. Get that design wall up!! Then you'll feel like you are on your way.

  10. Bambi is cute as long as you're not hankering for gardens! You seem to be settling in quite well. While I'm sure you'll be happy to empty the last box, your home is already looking cozy and inviting. You're getting there! Those chair quits are a nice idea.

  11. Love the quilts-on-the-back-of-chairs idea! Looks wonderful!

  12. I like how you have displayed the quilts on the chair backs. Our dining room chairs have curved tops and no knobs so I don't know how I could do this.

  13. All the things you have done look so good and so inviting. It is looking like a home. I love the little quilts on the chairs, so cute and comfy looking. I have lots of mini quilts but no dining room anymore. Maybe one day.
    Enjoy settling in and making it your home.