Monday, February 11, 2013


I decided that for the February BOM baskets I would use the spray starch method to prepare the baskets  (all 12 of them) for appliqué.

Double layer of freezer paper is ironed to the back of the fabric.

Spray starch is brushed onto the edge of the freezer paper and the seam allowance.

I used the Clover mini iron to fold the seam allowance to the back and when it dries it says there.
 It is so much easier to appliqué the baskets to the fabric when I use this method and I think I'm getting better at the spray starch part.  It's kind of a pain, but worth it.

I finished "Spring Kitty" and will take it to my guild meeting tonight for "Show & Tell."  It's 22" x 28".
Spring Kitty

I quilted the background with leaves and branches.

Spirals were quilted in the sashing and border.

I have posted this quilt before, but Ann suggested I post it again.  She posted some pictures of her home and I enjoy seeing these, so I decided to post the quilt and how it hangs in my living room part of the time.  This quilt was made for my DH's grandmother in 1883 by Grandma Score in Washburn, WI.  It was the one of the only things my MIL had from her mother, who died when my MIL was only 9 years old.  

Rocky Road to Dublin
Here it is hanging in my living room on a quilt rack made for me by my DS/DIL.

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  1. If I could get past the prep work, maybe could attempt applique using this method. I just haven't found a way to bond with applique--other than the wool. You have been very deliberate in your approach, trying the different methods and settling on what works best for you. I admire that.
    That family heirloom quilt is a wonderful piece. Nice display!

  2. I'm so glad you found a method that works for you. It isn't too much trouble if it makes the experience enjoyable. Your quilt is stunning and looks like it's in such good condition.

  3. Your "Spring Kitty" quilt is beautiful! I love it! Thanks for showing us your spray starch method. Can't wait to try it. Love your mother-in-law's mother's quilt. You are so lucky to have it!

  4. The red and white qiult is such a beauty! And a beautiful story at that!
    No wonder you gave it a special place!
    And what a great way to prepare your baskets. I have used glue before, but never a spray starch...
    I think I have to try that as well, it seems a great way to applique those little baskets.
    Your Spring Kitty is so lovely! What a nice swearls in the borders!
    Enjoy your stitching!
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  5. Kitty truly is ready to 'spring'! I love that little quilt! *giggle*
    The antique quilt and its special place are wonderful; very honoring of family. Great tutorial on the applique method too. ---"Love"

  6. The red and white quilt is beautiful! Great quilt hanger too.
    The kitty is adorable.
    I am going to have to try that starch method again. I have to try double freezer paper.. when do you pull the freezer paper out?

  7. I love your Spring Kitty. Very cute. Your baskets are so adorable. Hugs

  8. Your Spring kitty is so adorable, what fun! The little baskets are cute, too. Lots of cuteness in the works.

  9. Oh, the red and white quilt is so striking! Is that a variation of drunkards path? It is a keeper.

  10. Double freezer paper - that's the trick! Spring Kitty is delightful. Your red and white quilt is beautiful.

  11. The red and white quilt is a treasure to own. I was going to ask you if you knew the pattern name but I now see it is at the bottom of the picture.

    I was studying your quilting on your bird nest and cat piece. You have learned your lessons well!

  12. I have appliqued the way you show and the prep is a pain, but the applique goes fast.
    I love that family quilt. You are so lucky to have an antique made by an ancestor.
    Spring kitty is lovely! Can't help but smile looking at that one!!

  13. Thanks for sharing your preparation process.
    the heirloom Red and White is Gorgeous! it looks so lovely displayed this way.