Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Saturday, I finished this table runner made from civil war reproduction scraps.  I quilted it with feathers all over - the first time I had tried that.  One reason I did it on the table runner was to practice for the big applique quilt.  I listed the table runner on my Etsy shop and it sold already!

I saw these bins at the store for a cheap price, so I decided to get them to better sort my scraps.  


It just barely fits under my sewing table (which is cleared off because I have been quilting the appliqué quilt and I had it off so I could spread it out and see how it was looking).  The bins don't fit under the table in the same place that my scrap basket has been, but at least I can use them to sort the colors - this will be mainly for strips.  I will have to combine some colors - like red & pink, etc. as I only have 6 sections.  I put a divider in the middle of each bin.

I have been quilting my little heart out on this applique quilt and I'm almost finished with the main center portion and then will "just" have the borders to do - which is still a LOT of quilting.

Back view.
I'll be glad when this is done.  I don't think I'll ever do a mostly white quilt again, for sure.  The problem with this quilt is that I didn't have a pattern.  My DIL just wanted some flowers scattered across the white background.  Since I haven't done much appliqué, I would have preferred a pattern, but it's almost finished!  Whew!


  1. Your quilting on the applique quilt is stunning. So much lovely work!

  2. BEautiful runner with feathers, I can see why it sold so quickly. And your white with appliqué is stunning, marvelous quilting.

  3. I am amazed at your machine quilting skills! Both items are lovely.

    My niece wants a similar quilt, but on black instead of white! I want to see all of yours!

  4. Wonderful quilting, Ruth--on the runner and the quilt! That was a brave move to venture into appliqueing that quilt without a pattern. You can be very proud of your results.
    You have a nice sewing area. Must be nice to have that much table space around your machine.

  5. I love your table runner. No wonder it went so fast. What a beautiful white quilt w/applique. Your quilting is fantastic. Hugs

  6. Absolutely stunning quilting! You are so talented. Not surprising your runner was snapped up so quickly.

  7. I can see why the runner was snapped up so quickly.
    The quilt is absolutely stunning. I am in awe...really.
    I bet that has taken a lot of time. Hope the rest speeds by so you can call it done. ;)

  8. You are becoming a real FMG expert! Love the work!


  9. It looks wonderful!! Yay for you.

  10. Ruth, the quilts are stunning, thanks for sharing them. Sally from Oregon

  11. Gorgeous quilting.

  12. The runner looks great with feather quilting and the big appliqué quilt looks gorgeous. What a huge job.

  13. Your runner turned out great and congrats on selling it so fast.
    Your quilting looks lovely! Thanks for the back view.
    Nice scrap bins, now to fill them up.

  14. Love your quilting in the white! It really makes the quilt, but yes, so much work!!
    The runner is lovely!

  15. Your quilt is stunning. I love the white and the flowers here and there. Gorgeous.
    Have a nice week.

  16. the quilting is beautiful. this quilt is amazing! I am glad its almost done!
    love the runner, I need to make more of those
    I just got the book from the library I need to read it now!