Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Charlie and I worked together for 23 years and became great friends.  But after retirement we hardly ever saw each other.  Then one day last fall while we were in Maine, I received a phone call from her.  She said she had started quilting!  Wow!  Maybe I was a good (or bad) influence on her, at least a little.

Well, yesterday, she came over for a day of sewing because she wanted me to help her get her first quilt finished.  I set up my Featherweight so we would both have a sewing machine and she wouldn't have to bring hers along.

Quilting the border

Piecing some log cabin blocks

Using gloves for the first time

Me and Charlie
Charlie got the binding sewn on to her quilt and just has to sew it to the back and do a little more quilting in the middle of her quilt.  She has gotten the disease!  She's signed up for a few BOMs and has lots of ideas.  She bought a new embroidery machine and even has a part-time job in a quilt shop!  I think she's a goner!  We plan to get together at her house next time so I can visit "her" quilt shop.

 Look at the fun book I ordered from!  I collect buttons, so I thought I might have a use for this book on how to make button jewelry.  We'll see if I get inspired or not.

Here is the link to the appliqué/spray starch method that I used.  It is from Joanna at Fig Tree & Co.  See my last post for some pictures I took of me doing it.

Also, don't forget to enter my drawing, which will take place on Valentine's Day - that's tomorrow!


  1. Yeah, that's a debatable influence for sure, LOL! I want to see some of the button jewelry. I have lots of buttons!


  2. Long time friends, now quilting friends, how sweet. I once taught a friend of mine how to quilt and I later said "I created a quilt monster. " She recently wrote me and said that when she moved she had 43 totes of fabric. She really liked to buy fabric.

  3. What a fun day! Glad you have brought another quilter into our world!

  4. I see the writing on the wall! How wonderful you are there to encourage her and have fun at the same time!! I'm sure there will be many more sewing days!!

  5. Yep, sounds like Charlie is addicted all right! I'm sure she realizes she came to the right place for tutoring. You'll have lots of fun days together I'm sure. ---"Love"

  6. How fun to have a friend come over to quilt. I would love to be able to do that with someone.
    Yes, it certainly sounds like she has been bitten hard!!
    I will be interested to see what you do with some buttons and your new book. : )

  7. It is fun to see someone getting into quilting. You know who is hooked. When my beginners are shopping for the next three projects before finishing the first one I know I have done my job, :)
    Charlie is lucky to have a friend with such great skills.

  8. What fun - even more so to have a friend to share memories of the good old days on the job.

  9. A long time friend and now a quilting friend who comes to visit and quilt. Lucky you.

  10. Serendipity! Delighted to see you and Charlie have such a nice time stitching. I have a very pretty button bracelet bought at a quilt show.

  11. sewing days with a friend is always so fun. That books looks great, can't wait to see what you make