Monday, January 28, 2013


Before I bore you with my goals/UFOs, I'll show you what I worked on over the weekend.

I finished the six baskets that I prepped 3 different ways.  The ones I prepped in #1, which was using the magic sizing to stick the seam allowance onto the back, worked the best and was the easiest applique to accomplish.  I prepped 3 more like that to do this week.  All the baskets came out ok, but I wasn't satisfied with methods #2 & #3.

Here's a picture of all the baskets I've finished so far (on my design door).

I also decided to do the QAL that Lori posted on her blog.  It's a small one this year.  I can't believe all the problems I had while putting it together.  First, the needle broke and when I put in the new needle, I couldn't get my automatic needle threader to work.  Then I lost one of the large triangles for the flying geese on the middle star and had to cut another one (found 1st one under a cabinet).  While cutting some fabric for the second round, I cut off the corner of the sawtooth star and had to replace the corner square.  When I made the brown/pink flying geese, I cut the brown square the wrong size, made the 4 FG and thought - they sure look different than normal - had to do those over again.  Then I misplaced one of the cheddar pieces and had to hunt for it - it was folded in a piece of pink fabric!   don't know what my problem was, but I finally got the top finished!!  Yea!

I cut a bunch of 1" strips to use in my log cabin blocks from the scrap bag I got.  There's still a lot of fabric left from the bag.

So far I have 196 block finished.  I'm not sure how big I will make it, but I figured if I had 225 blocks, it would measure about 71" square.  I'm going to want it to fit on a bed.

I have quite a few UFO's which I will list and will put an asterisk next to the ones that are a priority.  I have 3 categories of projects:  hand work, which includes embroidery, appliqué, quilting and sewing bindings; quilts; and Miscellaneous projects, such as finishing an embroidery project into a pillow or wall hanging.


1.  Over the River and Through the Woods wall hanging - 2 panels of embroidery are finished, one more to do, then it goes into the quilt category.

2. * Baskets for You BOM - applique 12 baskets per month for 10-12 (?) months and then a large floral design in the middle.  I don't want to get behind on the baskets, so will try to do them as soon as I get them from the quilt shop.

3.  Finish flower basket appliqué project that I won from Lori, then decide if I want to make more & how to use in quilt.  Almost finished with one.

4.  Enlarge my GMF lap quilt by about 4 rows all the way around.


1.  *Civil War Quilt - the blocks are ready to put together.  It's ready to baste.
2.  **Quilt for DIL - machine appliqué  - Need to finish by March birthday.
3.  **2 secret quilts - Need to finish by September - I'm almost to the point of putting the blocks together.  *As of 5/7/13, the blocks are put together and I'm starting to put the borders together.    As of 9/9/13, one quilt is finished and the other is ready to baste and quilt.
4.  Red Hexie mini quilt - almost finished and ready to be layered - idea from JoAnn - Thread Head.
5.  A Tisket A Tasket applique basket quilt - 8 baskets are done, need to do 4 more and then make into a quilt.
6.  Veranda Views - all embroidery is finished - need to make into blocks and put together.
7.  Oak Leaves & Turkey Feathers wall hanging - started, but not much done - machine applique and piecing.
8.  Scrappity Do Dah - blocks finished - need to put together into queen size quilt.
9.  Grandmother's flower garden lap quilt - need to decide if I want to make it bigger and then finish.
*  I decided to make it bigger, so I'm working on more hexies by hand.
10.  Log Cabin Quilt - I've been working on this mainly on trips and have 196 blocks made finishing at 4 3/4".  No hurry on this one.
11.  Seasons in a Row - my oldest UFO that was a guild project.  I have about 8 rows finished  and there's one for each month.  *As of 5/7/13, the top is finished.
12.  Basket wall hanging - need to fix it a little, then it's ready to layer and quilt.
13.  Ohio Star boys donation quilt - have about 12 blocks made.
14.  4-patch donation quilt - have lots of blocks made - it's a leader/ender project.


1.  Finish embroidery on Denim shirt.
2.  Finish round wool pincushion.
3.  Finish bird pincushion.
4.  Put together Liberty Bell embroidery project - stitching is finished.  I decided I didn't like the fabric that the Liberty Bell was embroidered on, so I need to make a new one.
5.  Put together sampler cross-stitch project - stitching is finished.

If I can resist starting any more projects, I should be able to complete some of my UFOs.  I plan to dedicate myself to getting projects finished.  I also want to organize my sewing closet and scraps so I can use them more efficiently.  I'm not sure when I'll get to those tasks.

Wish me luck!


  1. Wow - what a great list of goals! I wish you all the success in the world.
    Your quilt along quilt is great. I like you colors, a bit different and very vintage.
    your little baskets are so sweet and hoooray for Log Cabins!!

  2. good luck!!!! I hope you finish a lot more ufo's this year! I love the baskets, very pretty.
    I am so jealous you have that many blocks done already, I hope to make more this week.
    glad your happy with the scrap bag! amazing how much was in there wasn't it!
    have a great week

  3. Large list - just like mine! I just decided to do one at a time and finish them up. Am now quilting Patriotic Denim. The baskets are really cute. Glad you found the best way to handle them. The block you had so much trouble with - is that one block for a quilt or is the entire thing the quilt?


  4. You certainly will finish more then a few. I like making lists and I'm sure you'll be crossing off a lot of items soon.
    Sorry about all your problems making Abundance. Sometimes it just goes that way and I find I am better off leaving the sewing room for awhile.

  5. Your getting quite expert on appliqueing your little baskets. That is a big "to do" list, but I guess mine is that long also. Just ordered two scrap bags from Homestead Hearth, hope mine are as nice as yours.

  6. You've got quite a list there, Ruth!
    Your little baskets are looking very sweet. I like the way you approached the applique--trying the different methods to see which one worked best for you.
    Oh, I'm sorry--I know it was frustrating, not funny--but I had to laugh at your experience with Abundance. Been there, done that! Isn't it interesting how sometimes the simplest little project can become a beast?
    Well, the results are very nice, whatever the process. : )

  7. I wish you luck!!!! I know you will really reduce that list.
    Your baskets are just so adorable. Make me want to start some, but I am trying to work on some UFOs first too.
    Boy, have I had days like that in the sewing room. But Abundance looks beautiful.
    Happy UFO busting.

  8. Good grief! No wonder you get up at 5 AM or before! Having that many projects going is great, and I know you'll get them all finished, but just looking at a list like that would drive me crazier! I'm not going to make a list! *tee hee* It was good to know that I'm not the only one who has bad days like you described! ---"Love"

  9. Good Luck! Its A Great List (Sorry For The caps...My Smartphone Is Too Smart...)

  10. I can't imagine having a project list that long. I always have to finish one item before I start another one or I get edgy - and that's not the reason I started quilting. I'm sure you're perfectly relaxed and you certainly get a lot of work done.

  11. I nearly fainted at the length of that list but I know that you are more than likely to make good inroads. For a quilt/block that caused you so much grief it looks terrific. Go! Ruth Go!

  12. I applaud you for your determination and dedication to finishing those UFOs. I have so many that I should also make a list and just go to it. Unfortunately, when I check out other bloggers, I see so many new projects that I want to start. It's so hard to be dedicated.

  13. The basket design looks similar to the one from Blackbird Designs but yet a little different. How many do you plan on making?