Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My DIL took me to a couple of our favorite thrift shops yesterday and I found some lace with pink ribbon running through it for only $2.99 - over 4 yards of it!  Perfect for certain princess outfits!

I also found a piece of fabric for $1.  It looks like men's shirting fabric and I can probably use it to back a quilt.  It is bluer than it appears in this picture.

I think the lace will work on the princess skirt.

 I decided to put velcro on the waistband to make it easier for little princesses to put it on and off by themselves.

I also had plenty of fabric to take a couple tucks which can be let out in the future in case the little princesses grow - and still want to wear it.

I like the way the lace makes the skirt fancier.  I had planned to take these home with me as I have ooddles of lace there, but now I won't have to.

I'm almost finished with the top and hope to get a picture of the completed outfit being modeled by the sometimes camera shy princess soon.

Now I can get back to my quilting projects.


  1. The lace was such a good find and it really add some pizazz to the princess skirt.

  2. Wow... you had some great thrift store finds! That is beautiful lace and perfect for the princess skirts!

  3. What great bargains you found and the lace is perfect for the little princess skirt! It is adorable!

  4. The lace is a great addition to the princess dresses, and the velcro will be great in the event waist sizes differ. Looking forward to see the models! *grin* ---"Love"

  5. The lace is a perfect addition to the princess skirts.
    Nice find on the shirting fabric, too. You scored!

  6. Your little princess will love it, lace can be so expensive these days. Good thrifting.

  7. What great finds I want to go to your thrift store. Ours is pretty picked over. What cute princess skirts they are going to love them.

  8. What a great find! The lace is beautiful, fitting for a princess.
    Velcro a great idea for a growing princess. Hope you can get a photo of her in her royal custom made dress.

  9. Hello Ruth I have been trying to contact you to let you know you are the winner of the day 6 prize on the quilting secrets blog hop.If you could please get back to me asap or we will have to pick another winner