Thursday, January 5, 2012


Over the three years that I have been blogging I have followed many blogs, left comments and even emailed the bloggers.  Two of these bloggers are from the Pensacola, FL area and I believe they have even blogged about a certain quilt shop.  Yesterday, I went to this shop (A & E) with my DIL to pick out some fabric for a quilt I am making for her, and I spotted someone who I thought might be Karen from Nana Girl Quilts.  I had seen her picture on her blog and her hair is beautiful!  When I saw the hair (from the back), I had to go and find out if it was her.  (In fact, I did a walk by first so I could see her face).  So I asked her, "Are you Nana Girl?"  She said, "Yes, who are you?"  So I told her I was Country Log Cabin.  My name is Ruth - actually, I go by my middle name for my blog.  She was with Kim Brackett of Magnolia Bay Quilts, who I started following first.  Kim has published several quilting books.  What are the odds of meeting two other bloggers by chance?  Even if you know they live in this area and frequent this shop?  It made my day!!  Thanks for letting me take your picture on the spur of the moment!  It was great meeting both of you!

Back to reality now.  I have been working on my Gone to Texas quilt and I am going to make it bigger than the pattern in the book.  Click here to see the original post I did about it.  I have been working on it quite a while and have several posts about it.   I decided to add another row of the Union block, which will make it 10 1/2" wider.  I will probably also add more border to it to get it to the size I want.  

Here are some  blocks that I have just finished.  I had 4 that I needed to finish, and then with adding 6 more, I had a total of 10 make.  I'm just about finished with those 10 and I will move on to some of the border panels.

This is the table in our camper with my Featherweight set up to sew.

I'm working on HSTs and flying geese now for the last 2 Union blocks.  Since I get up early every morning, I have time to sew before we do anything else.

Today we're going out to eat for an early celebration of DH's 70th birthday because we won't be here for the actual day.

I decided today to tell you why I decided to use my middle name when I started my blog.  At the time I was working for a U. S. Magistrate Judge at the U. S. District Court.  I really didn't want anyone that might google my name to bring up the blog and learn more about my personal information.  I didn't know if anyone would google my name, but I did have someone in prison get a hold of my home phone number once and call me collect, and since I worked for a judge, some people might not be too happy about what happened in court, etc.  You get the picture.  I know when I reply to comments, my first name (Gladys) is sometimes on the email, so that is why.  

The night before last it was 24 degrees here in NW Florida.  At about 3:30 AM, our heater went off and we thought we were out of propane.  We put on extra sweat pants, sweat shirts, socks, etc., cuddled under the quilts and tried to sleep a few more hours.  When DH checked the tanks, one was empty and one was full!!  This is the second time this has happened and it seems there is a problem with the propane line,  so we need to get this fixed ASAP.  At least we know now what is happening.  BRRRRR!  

Happy quilting!  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Brrrr is right, those temps in Florida will hurt the orange crops. You Featherweight in you RV brings back so many good memories of sewing in our 5th wheel. Never know who you will meet in a quilt shop. How exciting.

  2. That is so awesome, I loved your post about the chance meeting. It is so fun to meet fellow bloggers.

  3. How fun to have a chance blogger meet-up!
    I love those blocks! This is going to be a quilt that I drool over, I can tell (don't worry, I will stand back from the quilt).
    That is a nice little sewing area for your travels.

  4. Love your blocks! That is going to be a fantastic and big quilt;)
    What a fun surprise meeting!!

  5. That is so fun that you met two blogging friends at a quilt shop.

    I love your blocks. The colors are soft and pretty. This will be another beauty. You seem to be making progress fast.

    Brrr on the cold. My MIL had a trailer in the Miami area years ago. DD (was a baby) and we went to visit for a week. The heat was out and it got cold. I remember sitting in the living room with the oven on just to get warm. Hope you get that all fixed.

  6. Your chance meeting reminds me of our planned meeting with Jennifer, and recognizing her from pictures in her blog. Glad you got to meet those ladies! At the rate you're going on your Texas quilt, you'll have the top finished by the time you've gone back to Texas! It's looking great! Keep having fun! ---"Love"

  7. Your blocks are really pretty! That quilt is on my list, too.
    How fun to meet fellow bloggers!

  8. What in interesting early life you had. Now comes the really good part. Retirement.
    Love your blocks and color choices. Pam

  9. You met Kim Brackett! I have her books and she seems such a lovely lady. Your blocks are gorgeous - great colour combinations. Happy 70th Birthday to DH! I understand completely about your blog name given your circumstances. ann :-)

  10. It is just so much fun to meet fellow bloggers for the first time in person! That meeting was meant to be! Good for you, Ruth!


  11. I was tickled to meet you! How cool to bump into a fellow blogger during lunch hour! Hope you didn't get into too much trouble at A&E. ;-) Have a great visit!

  12. How nice that you got to meet some other bloggers. Your blocks are looking beautiful! I hope you were able to get your propane line fixed.

  13. Sorry I'm so late in commenting, it was so wonderful to meet you the other day. Kim and I hadn't been there in ages, and the only time we can go is on our lunch hour. Hope you found some goodies to go home with you.