Friday, November 12, 2010


Monday night was my quilt guild meeting and we had a special speaker - Betsy Cutchian, author of Gone to Texas.  I was really interested in hearing her because I love reproduction quilts and history.  This is a combination quilting book and story of her great-great grandmother along with some of her journal entries.  She came to Texas from Kentucky in 1852.  None of the quilts that she made have survived, but by using the journal entries, Betsy was able to design quilts that are similar to the ones her GGG might have made.

I love the "Gone to Texas" quilt.  She had the actual quilt with her that she found in a heap on the floor of an antique mall.  She also had the quilt that she made that she copied from the original.  
This is another one that I really like.
Below is the quilt that I'm going to give the new baby.  He is due in one month and we will be going to help take care of Jonah (2 years old) and the family when the new baby is born.  This is the first baby quilt I ever made and I hand quilted it.
This picture shows the backing.

This one is a play quilt for the new baby.  

This shows the back of the play quilt.  I think I'm all finished with baby quilts for a while - at least, I hope so!  I'm wanting to get going on some of my UFOs.
There's a pond not far from our house and we went there when I took pictures for the Teddy Bears' Picnic book.  It's really nice and seems like a little "woods" really close to home.  I found these berries there yesterday when I took my walk.  I don't know what they are, but I thought they were pretty.
Hope you have a nice weekend!  We're supposed to get some cooler weather - finally!


  1. Gee, you are hoping for cooler weather?! It was snowing at my house the other morning!! Aargh!!
    I've been an admirerer of that book for some time. It has some lovely quilts to reproduce.
    Love the baby quilt!! The backing is perfect too!!

  2. The book looks interesting, I like the Crowfoot quilt a lot! The baby quilt is adorable, I love the soft colors and pinwheels. The play quilt is cute, too. I can see lots of little cars and trucks "driving" all over it. The pitcher of berries with your tumbler quilt looks great, I'm not sure what kind of berries they are either but they are a beautiful decoration!

  3. How neat to meet the author. Dear Hubby almost bought that book for me. Maybe I'll have to put it on my Christmas list!

  4. Gone to Texas is one of my favorite books even though it's fairly recent. How lucky to hear the author speak. There isn't a quilt in her book that I don't like. Your quilts are great, too! The pinwheel is darling, and so is the back! Your composition including the tumbler quilt - love it! Great post!

  5. Gone to Texas sounds like a really neat book. I may have to check that one out for myself! The quilts for baby are adorable and are sure to be loved.

  6. That book looks very interesting. I always like getting the 'history' behind a quilt or quilts in a book.
    Love the baby quilt and the play mat.

  7. What adorable quilts you've shown! They will be much loved I'm sure. I also love the new look of your blog heading! ---"Love"

  8. What a fascinating talk Betsy must have given. I really like the quilt on the front cover. Add that to the list! Gorgeous baby quilt. Ann :-)

  9. I came over from Cumberland Quilt Chick and I really enjoyed seeing how you do strip quilts! I think I'll do one out of my scraps...I think those berries in the pitcher are called Oregon grapes. They might be edible...

  10. I recently bought the Gone to Texas book.The history is amazing.I live in Texas so I enjoyed it alot.