Sunday, November 21, 2010


This was my lucky week!  First of all, I received a package from Log Cabin Quilter in Florida containing all these darling vintage potholders and other crocheted items!  You can see her blog here.  Can you believe that she remembered from something on my blog that I collected these and got them for me!!  What a sweet lady!  Thank you so much.
This little hanging basket was part of the package.  I will hang it in my kitchen under a cupboard and maybe I can find something to put in it.  Any suggestions?
Then, I was notified that I had won this new magazine!  If you are a blogger, you might have known that  all the contributors of the 100 blocks had drawings that the Quiltmaker magazine would give away to all the winners.  I was very surprised that I won this!  There are a lot of neat new block patterns in this.  Where do these people come up with new designs all the time?
One day in JoAnn's I was looking at their quilting books and I decided to get this book with iron-on transfers for quilt labels.  I think all the books were 40% off.  I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I really do!  I have several quilts that need labels and I really want to do it.  Some of them are quilts by my MIL or owned by her.  I found several that I like and I have decided to embroider them.
Here's the first one I'm doing for the new grandbaby (which we just found out will be delivered on Dec. 7).  I am waiting until he is born to put in his name and date of birth.  I thought this came out really cute. I've got 2 others ready to start work on - one for an antique quilt and one that I made, but never labeled (shame on me).  
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Even with all the problems, we truly do have so much to be thankful for.


  1. I'd love to find an iron on label book - I have several that need them! And I've just got to go buy that book - what a fun one. blessings, marlene

  2. OK, so I didn't know you collected vintage crocheted items. I think I may have an item or 2 that you might like. I saw that transfer book in Joanne's too, but resisted the impulse, LOL. I have enough transfers to last for the next 100 years!


  3. Sounds like you had a good week. Well done on your win and how lovely of a fellow blogger to send you those. Now I'm off to Amazon to look for that book.

  4. Lucky, lucky girl;) What cool goodies;)
    I love what you are doing with the labels!
    Happy Quilting!!

  5. The crocheted items are so adorable and reminds me of my grandmother's things.
    I have the label book too and have used it many times.

  6. Wonerful surprises and wins. Enjoy all your goodies.
    I love your label, it looks so cute. Be sure to show us the others as you do them.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  7. What wonderful goodies you have! I love the crochet items, especially the ones that look like little dresses! They are precious and how thoughtful of Log Cabin Quilter to send them. Maybe you can find some artificial hens eggs to fit in the basket or wrap some tiny boxes like Christmas gifts for a holiday decoration. Congrats on the magazine, it looks fantastic. I love the quilt label for your new grandson, it is really cute and you did a great job with the embroidery! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  8. What precious little crocheted pieces! Somehow I almost missed seeing them! Maybe you could find or make some tiny crocheted flowers, or maybe yo-yo flowers for the basket. Hope you have a special and Happy Thanksgiving! ---"Love"

  9. No surprise really Ruth. If you give out the Love ii comes back around to you. What a fantastic swag of goodies and the embroidered label is terrific! Happy Thanksgiving. Ann :-)

  10. I am glad you found a place to hang the little basket. The red & white dress was my favorite item of all of those. I am glad you are happy with them.

  11. Your basket block quilt is wonderful. I think its great that you choose to quilt it yourself and I just know whatever pattern you choose will be great.